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    Visit to the Texas Wendish Heritage Society

    by Robert Wuchatsch

    In November 2015, I had the great pleasure of staying for four days with Raymond and Sandra Matthijetz at Winchester, Texas.  Sandra had kindly invited me following our email correspondence regarding her Miertschin ancestors who emi...

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    Touring the land of the Wends

    by Chris Elmore

    Chris Elmore, the writer of this report, is a great-great-grandson of Johann Samuel Rohr (1810-1890) and Anna Dorothea Petras (1822-1911). In this report he describes the experience of visiting the homeland of his Wendish ancestors: As part of an ...

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    Tour of Germany, Austria and Poland, Aug-Sept 2010

    by Moira Nagorcka

    Moira Nagorcka, the writer of this report, travelled on a three-week personalized tour organized by David Zweck of Zweck Tours. Some of the highlights of the tour were the visits to the villages of our Wendish and German ancestors and the Passion Pla...

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    Visit to East Germany, Sept–Oct 2009

    by Clay Kruger

    In planning this journey, Klaus Hattwich and I (Clay Kruger) aimed to follow the trail of Martin Luther (1483-1546) in Germany, also to focus on visiting cathedrals, palaces, churches and other historic venues. Our first port of call was London. T...

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