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Rufus Pech (21 June 1926 – 29 April 2016)

by Sharon Pech

A life of public service and love in action

Our father, Rufus Pech, was born at home on the family farm in Appila, SA on the 21st of June, 1926. He was the 11th child of Bertha and Johannes Pech and had 3 brothers and 7 sisters. As German w...

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1854 Kleinwelka Bell Order

by Robert Wuchatsch

Our last newsletter included an article by Robert Wuchatsch on the mystery of the bell ordered from Kleinwelka (near Bautzen) in 1854.  Mrs Gertrud Mahling of Bautzen, author of Shores of Hope: Wends go Overseas, discovered the bell order d...

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Research news March 2016

by Kevin P. Zwar

Overseas enquiries

There are still a few enquiries from overseas. In a recent one from Germany the enquirer had a copy of an 1860's marriage certificate, recording a marriage that was held in a home in Melbourne...

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Wendish Descendants at the Ballarat Fine Music Festival

by John Noack

The City of Ballarat welcomed some Wendish descendants as performing musicians to its impressive Festival of Fine Music from 8 to 17 January, 2016. The informative Program Notes contained information in relation to 25 Concerts, which included sing...

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Windish / Slovenes in Hungary: A response

by Martin Brützke

This weekend I finally managed to read last September’s edition of the “Wendish news”.  In the research section I read the correspondence between Mr. Zwar and two gentlemen from Germany about the different meanings of the terms wen...

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Alfons Frencl (1946 – 2015)

by Rob Wuchatsch, Kevin Zwar, Betty Huf

A great friend of Australian Wends

by Robert Wuchatsch Alfons Frencl, passed away in Lusatia after a long illness on 27 October 2015, aged 68.  Alfons Frencl (German: Frenzel) - a writer and poet - was a modern Wendish patriot who devo...

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Visit to the Texas Wendish Heritage Society

by Robert Wuchatsch

In November 2015, I had the great pleasure of staying for four days with Raymond and Sandra Matthijetz at Winchester, Texas.  Sandra had kindly invited me following our email correspondence regarding her Miertschin ancestors who emi...

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Luncheon at the German Club Tivoli

by Glenys Wollermann

This special Luncheon featured Clay Kruger’s slideshow presentation on the Schürmann weekend held at Tarrington, Victoria in June 2015.  Clay also showed video relating to the upcoming 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation...

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Golden Wedding Anniversary

by Glenys Wollermann

Congratulations to Kevin and Del Zwar, who are celebrating 50 happy years of marriage on 30 September. Delrose Zwar (nee Heinrich) grew up in World’s End, near Burra in South Australia. Kevin often says, “I had to go to the end of the world to fi...

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Windish / Slovenes in Hungary

by Kevin Zwar

In July, 2016 I received the following query from Tibor Hoat and Joël Gerber of Germany:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen While searching for Windish/Slovene communities and people dealing with Windish/Slovene language, culture and history...

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