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‘Noacks’ in Australia

by John Noack

At least thirteen separate Noack individuals or families have so far been located on passenger lists of ships bringing settlers to Australia between 1845 and 1877. The question sometimes arises about whether these Noacks were related to each other in Europe. They are listed below in the chronological order of their arrival and with their place of origin if known.

1. Anna Dorothea Hoffrichter nee NOACK with her husband Karl Friedrich came to Australia in the ship “Patel” in 1845.

2. Karl NOACK is listed by’Clifford Smith in his book “Nineteenth Century Emigration of ‘Old Lutherans’ from Eastern Germany” as coming to Australia from Unruhstadt in Posen as a Lutheran separatist in 1849. Unruhstadt is also the birthplace of Johann Christian Heinrich Noack listed below.

3. Johann NOACK ( 1818-1902) with his wife Agnes nee BARTSCH (1827-1898) came from Reichwalde in western Silesia (part of Upper Lusatia) to Melbourne and then to Adelaide on the ship “Godeffroy” in 1849 They settled on a farm at St Kitts in South Australia and their 12 children were (1) Johanna REIMANN; (2) Maria JAEKEL; (3) Augus; (4) Ernst Wilhelm ; (5) Hermann Wilhelm; (6) Ernstine Bertha BIELE; (7) Pauline Emilie PAUL; (8) Johann; (9) Paul Joseph ; (10) Heinrich Benjamin; (11) Carl Wilhelm and (12) Gottlieb Daniel Noack. Their 319-page family history book is titled: “Knowing the Noacks”.

4.A. Johann NOACK (1815-1890) was born at Schoenhoehe in Lower Lusatia, Brandenburg, Prussia and he came to Australia on the ship “San Francisco” in 1850 with his wife Anna (1809-1877), formerly Nowsch and nee HONDOW. Their three children were (1) Martin Hondow (1834-1914) who married Anna KOLLOSCHE nee Miatke, (2) Maria SCHMIDT nee Nowsch and (3) Friedrich Noack(1848-1932). Johann farmed land at Peters Hill near Riverton in South Australia and their son Friedrich, who married Christiane DOMASCHENZ (1854-1931), moved east and farmed at Hopevale near Rainbow in Victoria. Their 668-page family History book is titled “The Noack-Hondow-Schmidt Family History: Commemorating 151 years in Australia 1850-2001”.

4.B. Gottlieb NOACK (1818-1896), the younger brother of Johann Noack, also migrated on the ship “San Francisco” in 1850. In 1853, he married Anna nee Noack from Ruben and farmed land at Peters Hill near Riverton. They had 10 children: (1) Anna POESCH; (2) Maria MARSCHALL; (3) Pauline BECKMAN; (4) Friedrich William; (5) Christian (1859-1931) who married Maria REX; (6) Wilhelm; (7) Louise PETATZ; (8) Carl Paul; (9) Christine BORMANN and (10) Anna. Their family history book is titled “Noacks from Schoenhoehe”.

4.C. Gottfried NOACK was a third Noack brother. He arrived in South Australia on the ship “San Francisco” in 1850 and he was employed as a farm worker. He died in his early 30s and was not married.

5. Johann Christian Heinrich NOACK was born in 1827 at Unruhstadt in Posen Germany and he arrived in Melbourne on the ship:”Wilhelmsberg” in 1853. His two occupations were brickmaker and farmer. In 1862, he married Caroline Conrad at the Lutheran Church in East Melbourne and they had 12 children: (1) Carl; (2) Heinrich; (3)Martin; (4) Robert; (5) Louise; (6) Anna; (7) Wilhelm; (8) Albert; (9) Martha; (10) Conrad (11) Maximilian and (12) Mary. The family lived in the Ballarat district for many years. A family legend is that two other brothers also came out and landed at two other ports in Australia. Was one brother Karl, the Noack listed as number 2 above?

6. Anna Dorothea Neumann nee NOACK, who is listed in the “Biographical Index of South Australians” as the husband of Johann William Neumann, is also included in the List of Brandenburg Emigrants as aged 37 as the wife of Wilhelm Neumann aged 31 and a Bauerngutsbesitzer. They lived at Pfeifferhahn, Crossen, Brandenburg, Prussia and she arrived in South Australia with Wilhelm and four children Dorothea aged 12, Johann Gottlieb 10, Marie 3 and Ernstine Auguste 1 on the ship “Cesar Godeffroy” on 3 January 1854.

7. Lise NOACK came from Werben in Brandenburg, Prussia on the ship “Malvina Vidal”, which arrived in Melbourne on 5 October 1854. She was passenger No. 109.

8. Johanna Louise Winter nee NOACK left Craemersdorf, Crossen with Carl Friedrich August Winter aged 45 with three of their children His occupation included both builder (Bauer) and wheel-wright (Stellmacher) and they arrived at Adelaide on the ship “Reiherstieg” on 26 Oct 1854.

9. Anna Maria NOACK came from Oelsa in Saxony. Her ship the “Steinwarder” arrived in Adelaide on 5 Nov 1854.

10. Carl NOACK from Crossen in Brandenburg Prussia arrived in Adelaide on the ship “August” on 17 August 1856 at the age of 42. The ship’s Captain was Joachim Meyer His occupation listed on his emigration application was a Master Shoemaker (Schumacher Meister) but on the passenger list it is Sailor (Schiffer). The surname of his wife was CAVANAGH and they farmed land at Eden Valley in South Australia. Their son Johann Friedrich Carl Noack (1859-1936) married Johanna Auguste Pauline nee HOHNBERG, whose mother’s maiden name was Hartwig. They farmed at Eden Valley, Nildottie on the River Murray and in New South Wales. Their 12 children were (1) Johann Gustav Reinhold (1883-1961); (2) Johann Wilhelm (1885-1944); (3) Johann Friedrich Karl (1886-1887); (4) twin Johanna Auguste Pauline KALMS (1886-1968); (5) Emilie Maria SCHUBERT (1888-); (6) Emma Selma STEINKE (1891-1930); (7) Friedrich Wilhelm (1892-1942); (8) Selma Louise FRANKE (1894-); (9) Gustav Carl (1896- ); (10) Johanne Bertha STEINKE (1898- ); (11) Gustav Alfred (1901-1953) and (12) John Richard (1904-). This family appears on pages 309-343 in the “Hartwig Family History”.

11. Caroline Wilhelmine Jung nee NOACK aged 38 from Sommerfeld, Crossen came to Australia on the ship “Sverige” on 25 Dec 1857 with her daughter Charlotte Wilhelmine aged 18 and Gustav Adolph aged 12.

12. Marie Dorothea Drendel nee NOACK aged 43 and her husband Gottlieb, Wilhelm Drendel, a shoemaker (Schumacher Meister) aged 64 from Bobersberg Crossen, applied to emigrate to Australia in 1857. They arrived at Melbourne on 15 Feb 1858 as passengers 22-27 on the ship “Alfred” under Captain Josh Meyer; with foster-child (Pflegekind) Christiane or Johanne Emilie Franke aged 22 and with children Carl August aged 11, Marie Wilhelmine 9 and Auguste Pauline 5.

13. Martin NOACK a farmer (Landmann) aged 20 from Kolkwitz, Pommer, arrived at Brisbane on the ship “Fritz Reuter” as passenger No 332 on 4 October 1877 after a stormy journey. He then headed for Rockhampton.
Other Noack individuals and families probably came to Australia but the above should indicate that the surname “Noack”, which in German is translated as “Neumann” and in English as “Newman”, featured over a wide geographical area in Europe. This reduces considerably the possibility of connections and relations between these Noack families in Europe.

The main sources for the above information on the Noacks have been:

(1) “Emigrants from Hamburg to Australia, 1850-1879” by Eric and Rosemary Kopittke, Queensland Family History Society.

(2) “Brandenburg Emigrants to Australia”.