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Helene Passenger List 1851

by Rev Dr H F W Proeve

Compiled by the Rev Dr H F W Proeve in 2002 from a variety of sources including Hamburg Shipping List; German researcher, ‘Deutsche Auswanderung nach Australien 1849-1851’; The ‘Observer’ (Adelaide) 27.12.1851; G Nielsen ‘In Search of a Home’; Family Histories including Burger; Dallwitz; Doecke; Huf; Mickan); Church Records; Ebenezer Cemetery; Neukirch; Bethany; A Kappler); Ebenezer cemetery tombstones.

In his thorough research Dr. Proeve has included information on many of the passengers after they arrived in Australia, like who they married, when and where they died. This information is included in brackets [ N S W for New South Wales; S A for South Australia; Vic for Victoria ].

This material is copyright and is published with the permission of Dr. H F W Proeve.

NOTE: Only the Wendish passengers are listed here; there were many other German passengers on board.


George (Hamburg: BOBACH Johann; Observer: BOBACK).
born c.1825. From Dauban. Carpenter. [m. 20.9.1853 Maria Mickan]


Peter. b. 1.10.1795 Meschwitz. From Hochkirch. Tailor.
[d. 30.10.1878 Gnadenthal Vic]

Agnes nee SCHMIDT. b.17.5.1808 Hochkirch. [d. 19.7.1892 Gnadenthal Vic.]

Johann. b.28.1.1833 Meschwitz . [d. 20.10.1901 Murtoa, Vic]

Magdalena b. 2.3.1834 Mescwitz [m. 29.7.1856 Johann Rentsch. d. 14.1.1914 Byaduk Vic]

Andreas b. 5.4.1835 Meschwitz. [m. 21.11.1860 Anna MIRTSCHIN.
d. 20.12.1897 Byaduk Vic]


Johann b. 16.9.1816 Groditz. From Cortnitz, farmer. [d.30.10.1863 Ebenezer, S A]

Maria nee HANSCHKE b. 18.2.1821 Rackel. [d. 13.4.1891 Ebenezer S A]

Anna b. 23.3.1842 Rackel. [m. Friedrich Heinr. ROVER. d. 21.12.1871 Ebenezer S A]

Johann b. 18.5.1844 Rackel. [d. 26.1.1902 Bower]

Andreas b. 13.2.1847 Rackel. [m. Johanna KLEINIG. d. 25.4.1937 Ebenezer S A]

Peter b. 28.1.1849 Rackel. [d. 18.11.1887 Ebenezer]

Maria b. 14.12.1850 Rackel. [m. J. Drogemuller. d. 11.11.1914 Upper Moutere NZ]


Auguste Amelia: See DOECKE Andreas


Andreas b. 2.7.1811 Nechern. From Nieder-Kaina (Niederkeina), farmer [d. 4.11.1893 Ebenezer S A]

Auguste Amelia nee DIESNER b. 24.7.1818 Cortnitz [d. 2.9.1906 Bethel S A buried Ebenezer S A ]

Anna Maria b. 20.3.1846 Nieder-Kaina [m. Joh. August ALTUS. d. 4.3.1930 Bethel S A]

Martha Christiane b. 23.3.1849 Nieder-Kaina [m. Gustav Ewald THOMAS. d. 23.6.1940 Kapunda S A]

Johann Traugott b. 3.1.1851 Nieder-Kaina [d. 24.11.1932 St. Kitts S A]

Note: Observer incorrect in stating 4 children


Peter from Grossbrosern (Grobsesern), Farmer

[Doecke family history unable to throw any light on him. Check it out again for a ‘Peter Doecke’, resident of Ebenezer (Ebenezer cemetery records), b. 3.2.1799 (tombstone), d. 14.1.1880 (tombstone); but (cemetery records) bur. 15.6.1880, at age 81 years 4 months 11 days.]


Peter b. 6.12.1824 Nechern. From Nieder-Kaina (niederkeina), Wheelwright. [d. Steinthal S A]

Maria nee FELFE b. 17.7.1829 Prauske [d. 31.5.1901 Steinthal]

Johann Ernst b. 27.12.1850 Nieder-Kaina [d. 21.10.1940 St. Kitts S A]


Andreas from Spittel (Spietel), Shepherd.


Maria: See DOECKE Peter


(Hamburg and some Aust. records: GUDIN; Observer: GUDING)
Anna b. 8.7.1829 Hochkirch. From Dohlen. [m. ..4.1853 Johann PANNACH]


Johann b. 9.2.1820 Baschutz. From Baschutz (Baschitz), Joiner
[m. Magdalena HUNDRACK; d. 15.5.1879 Byaduk Vic.]


Maria: See MIRTSCHIN Johann


Maria: See DALLWITZ Johann


Agnes (Observer: HANPT) born c. 1789 From Wuischke (Wieschke) [d.16.6.1862 Neukirch S A]


Johann b. 25.7.1803 Baschutz. From Rodewitz (Radowitz), Farmer [resident Mt. Eccersby Vic.]

Anna (wife?)

Magdalene [m. Johann GUDE]




Sibling (Research incomplete; Hamburg calls all 9 ‘Geschwister’ (= siblings)


Maria: See LIESCHKE J. Andreas


Maria: See URBAN Johann

KLEINIG (Not in Hamburg; Observer: KLEIMIG)

Andreas b. 15.10.1820. From Cortnitz [m. 7.2.1855 Agnes STEPHAN. d. 26.2.1904 Neukirch, bur. Ebenezer S A]


Johann b. 22.4.1812. From Cortnitz, Farmer. [d. 10.2.1886 (tombstone) Ebenezer S A],

Magdalena nee WENKE b. 22.2.1821 [d. 20.1.1902]

Johanna b. 30.3.1849. [m. Andreas DALLWITZ. d. 18.2.1932 Ebenezer S A]

Helene Magdalene b. 22.8.1850 [m. 1. Peter DALLWITZ; 2. C. Aug LANGE d. 25.4.1939 Charleston S A]

Child ?? (Hamburg: 5; Observer 3; 2 corresponds with Ebenezer S A records)


N.B. Hamburg shipping records have apparently lost the sheet containing entries under ‘L’; entries are made from the list in the Observer, corroborated in part by other reliable sources.


(Wendish origin presumed, as this Lehmann family is listed in the Observer in the midst of the large WENDISH group included in this list. Observer spelling is LEHMEIM. The conjectured identification which follows is based on information in Kappler records.)


Johann Christian Gottlieb From Seidau (nr. Bautzen). [In Adelaide]

Gertraut …

Maria Amalie (4th daughter) born c. 1827 [m. in Adelaide (Notice 19.1.1853: ‘1 yr in colony’)

others in ‘family’ (Observer statement) ?

LIESCHKE (Zwar: LISCHKA, with FUCHS in brackets: Observer: LISCHKE)

Johann Andreas b. 1797. From Rascha (Zwar) Rachlau?? [d. 4.4.1855 Ebenezer, SA.]

Maria nee JANNASCHE [d. 4.12.1867]

Anna b. 1829 Rachlau (c. 1835?) [m. 22.11.1853 Adam WENKE. d. 17.3.1855 Bethel S A]

Andreas b. 28.10.1831 Rachlau [m. 1858 Maria ALTUS. d. 14.5.1892]

Jacob b. 6.11.1834 [not married. d. 30.9.1884 Riverina N S W]


Peter b. 14.1.1819 Kotitz. [buried 11.3.1895 Ebenezer S A]

Magdalena nee SIMMANK b. 1.12.1815. [d. 21.7.1904; buried Ebenezer S A]

Johann b. 5.2.1843 Rodewitz. [d. 10.6.1929 Lights Pass S A]

Anna b. 23.11.1848 Niethen (Nitten on tombstone) [d. 12.8.1866 Ebenezer S A stubble fire]

Maria b. 21.6.1851 Hochkirch? [d. …. Lights Pass S A]


Johann b. 19.5.1790 Cortnitz [widower d. 9.11.1866 Ebenezer S A]

Maria (daughter) b. 14.4.1825 Cortnitz [m. 20.9.1853 Georg BOBACK (apparently she died pre 2.4.1856 when Boback married M. STEPHAN in Bethanien; Boback returned to Germany after 14 years in the colony.)]


Johann jr. b. 10.2.1818. From Cortnitz, Farmer. [d. 25.12.1904 Ebenezer S A]

Christiane nee TRIEDE b. 2.3.1821 1

Johann b. 23.5.1849 [d. 11.1.1907 Ebenezer S A]

Andreas b. ? Germany. [d. 7.4.1852; buried Lights Pass S A]


Johann b. 14.3.1809 Dohlen. From Dohlen, Farmer. [d. 26.3.1884 Penshurst Vic.]

Maria nee GUDE b. 1.8.1814 Dohlen. [d. 14.5.1878 Tabor Vic.]

Johann b. 24.3.1840 Dohlen.

Anna b. 8.3.1844 Dohlen. [m. 21.11.1860 Andreas DOECKE; d. 20.12.1897 Gnadenthal Vic.]

Magdalena b. 31.12.1846 Dohlen. [m. Andreas RENTSCH; d. 17.10.1920 South Hamilton Vic.]

Andreas born c. 1849. [d. 24.10.1851; buried at sea 27.10.1851.]

Marga / Marka (Zwar: only daughter) b. 1850 [d. 14.10.1851; buried at sea 14.10.1851.]


Maria: See RENTSCH Johann [N>B> Maiden name of a Zschech wife in Tarrington Vic. given as NERETTIG)


Christiane: See URBAN Andreas.


(Observer: Panach; Zwar: Ponich)
Andreas b. 8.10.1818 (tombstone) Rachlau. From Rachlau, Farmer. [d. 3.12.1862

Maria nee SCHNEIDER b. 17.11.1821. [buried 19.9.1890 Ebenezer S A.]

son born c. 8.1851. [d. 9.11.1851 (3 months); buried at sea 10.11.1851.]


Agnes b. 30.5.1830 Rachlau [m. 31.5.1852 Michael WENKE ]


Anna [no details found at present]


Maria: See SCHNEIDER Andreas


Carl From Hartmannsdorf, Shepherd. [No Australian reference found so far. But note re surname: Matthies Zerna (Potsch)]

Emily (wife)

POTZSCHKE (Hamburg:PUTZSCHKE, alt German conjecture PYTZSCHKE; Observer: POTCHZSKE)

JOHANN TRAUGOTT b. 28.4.1831 Kuppritz. From Kuppritz, Tailor.


Johann b. 30.9.1801 Kuppritz. From Kuppritz. [d. 11.9.1877 Hamilton Vic.]

Maria nee NETTIG b. 31.3.1807 Trauschwitz. [d. 27.8.1876 Hamilton Vic.]


Johann [m. Magdalene BURGER]



Agnes: See BURGER


Michael From Hochkirch (Hochkirchen), Farmer. [original settler in Gnadenthal Vic]


Magdalena: See ZWAR Johann


Andreas b. 15.1.1813. From Kumschutz. [d. 23.9.1892 Ebenezer S A.]

Maria nee PANNACH b. 28.10.1821. [d. 3.1.1908 Ebenezer S A.]


Maria See PANNACH Andreas


Magdalena: See LOWKE Peter


Anna born c. 1834/1835 ? From Dohlen. [m. 3.3.1854 E.F.T. SCHNEIDER (in Bethanien)]


Maria born c. 1828 ? From Dohlen. [m. 2.4.1856 Georg BOBACK

N.B. The two Stephans are not listed in the Observer; but arrival probably can be accepted. The Hamburg list gives the order of names as Maria and Anna [in seniority?].
* Anna Christiane Stephan (19 years, born c. 1834/1835) on 3.3.1854 Married E,F.T. Schneider [no full names] in Bethanien.
* M Stephan [Nielsen: Magdalena] (28 years, born c. 1828) on 2.4.1856 married George BOBACK, with Kleinig witnesses.
* On 5.11.1854 (Ship Steinwarder) Georg Stephan of Rascha arr. with wife and 25 year old daughter. The daughter must be: Agnes Stephan, 25 years (b. 22.5.1830 Baschutz); on 7.2.1855 she married Andreas Kleinig, with Georg Stephan as witness.
* Also on the Steinwarder was a Maria Stephan with 3 year old daughter. On 28.6.1855 this Maria Stephan, 31 years (b. 4.11.1823 Ebendorfel) married Johann Pech, with Georg Stephan as a witness.


Christiane: See MICKAN Johann jr.


Andreas b. 30.1.1790 Weigersdorf. From Weigersdorf (Prussia). [d. 8.2.1879; buried Gnadenthal Vic.]

Christiane nee NEUMANN b. 11.7.1805. [d. 5.7.1881; buried Gnadenthal Vic.]


Johann b. 24.5.1817 Weissenberg. From Weissenberg, Mason. [d. Walla Waslla N S W.]
Maria nee JURACK b. .. 8.1816 Dubrauke [d. ..12.1878 Walla Walla N S W]

WENKE (Hamburg: Adolph; Wendish: WENK)

Adam b. 16.11.1831 Rachlau. From Rachlau. [m. 22.11.1853 Anna LIESCHKE.]


Magdalene: See KLEINIG Johann


Johann b. 16.10.1821 Drehsa. From Drehsa. Farmer. [m. (1). 4.7.1847 Magdalena Schmole. m. (2). 6.4.1863 Anna Kaiser. d.15.7.1912 Ebenezer S A.]

Magdalena nee SCHMOLE b. 13.6.1819 Kumschutz [d. 22.10.1859 Ebenezer.]

Maria b. 2.8.1848 Drehsa. From Drehsa. [m. 13.7.1869 Christian August Petschel. d. 16.2.1937 Dimboola Vic.]

son b. 4.12.1851 on ship Helene. [d. 21.12.1851 near Kangaroo Island.

Hamburg lists 3 children; Observer lists 1 child; both must be incorrect. One son died in Germany; and the information recorded by Schondorf makes the above son the third child.)

  1. 11.1898 Ebenezer S A