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Biographies of 19th C Wend Immigrants

The Wendish Heritage Society Australia is preparing brief biographies of Wends who emigrated to and settled in Australia during the 19th Century. As they are compiled, the biographies will be added to this website.

Most of the biographies included here originally appeared in Tom Darragh and Rob Wuchatsch’s book From Hamburg to Hobsons Bay, German Emigration to Port Phillip (Australia Felix) 1848-51, published in 1999.

The information included in these biographies was obtained from various sources, including shipping and naturalization records; birth, deaths and marriage; land records; newspapers; and local and family histories. Source notes have not been included, however, please contact us for further information.

Those wishing to provide draft biographies for possible inclusion on this website are invited to forward biographies of up to 500 words to Rob Wuchatsch., however, the Wendish Heritage Society Australia reserves the right to edit/include biographies as it sees fit.

DEUTSCHER, Michael and Christiana

Michael Deutscher (1811-64) and his wife Johanna Christiana Eleonora née Schwartz (1815-80) arrived at Port Adelaide from Hamburg aboard the Alfred in December 1848 with five children – Johanna Carolina,…

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GRAFF, Johann and Johanna

Johann Graff (c. 1802-88), a Wend from Preske, six kilometres west of Bautzen, arrived in Melbourne from Hamburg aboard the Pribislaw in February 1850 with his wife Hanna (nee Hobrack)…

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Gottlieb Jakob Grützner (1823=1912), a probable Wend from Wartha, 20 kilometres north of Bautzen in Saxony, arrived in Melbourne from Hamburg aboard the Wappaus in March 1849. On the shipping…

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HEMPEL, Johann Christoph and Anna

Johann Christoph Hempel (1794-1881), a Wend from Kohlwesa, 12 kilometres east of Bautzen, arrived in Melbourne aboard the Pribislaw in February 1850 with his wife Anna (nee Biebrach), at least…

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KAISER, Andreas

Andreas Kaiser (1827-1912), a Wend from Drehsa, nine kilometres east of Bautzen, arrived in Melbourne aboard the Pribislaw in February 1850. A former schoolmate and close friend of fellow Pribislaw…

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George Kollosche was born on 14 October 1830 at Werben in Lower Lusatia, which was then part of Brandenburg, Prussia. At the age of 24 he emigrated to Australia on…

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KOTZUR, Martin and Lisa

Martin Kotzur (1833-1916) and his wife Lisa née Towk (1834-1900), Lower Lusatian Wends from Janschwalde, arrived at Port Jackson, Sydney from Bremen aboard the Gottorp in September 1857. Martin and…

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KRÜGER, Johann Carl August

Johann Carl August Krüger (known as Carl) was born on 11 January 1802 in Cottbus, Brandenburg, Prussia and arrived in South Australia aboard the Victoria with his wife Maria and…

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KSCHENKA, Matthes and Louisa

Matthes Kschenka was born in Cottbus in the county of Kolkwitz in Brandenburg, Prussia.  Church records give his birth date as 19 November 1836, but Matthes himself believed that he…

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LIESCHKE, Johann and Maria

Johann Georg Andreas Lieschke (1796-1855) and his wife Maria née Jannasche (1792-1867) were Upper Lusatian Wends from Rascha, near Bautzen. Johann, Maria and three of their children – Anna, Andreas…

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