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General News

Visitors from Lusatia

by John Noack

On Sunday, 5th August 2012, our society's research library received a visit from two German academics, Sebastian Kurtenbach and Elisa Ribbe. The visit was a very pleasant surprise, and was motivated by the fact that Elisa is of Wendish heritage - her...

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Sorbian Grammar School, Bautzen

by Alfons Frencl

[as emailed to the Wendish Heritage Society] The Sorbian Grammar School in Bautzen organized a school project about Australia. They visited Herrnhut (Moravian Brethren). At the Museum of Ethnology there they learned about the Aborigines. Alfons...

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Newspaper clippings

by [unknown]

The following is an occasional collection of (mostly Melbourne) newspaper clippings:

Steiner Silverware on Sale

Silverware items designed and made by Steiner of South Australia were included in a Selling Exhibition organised by antique dea...

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Wendish Family History Books for USA

by Geoff Saegenschnitter

During 2009, I embarked on a project to collect Australian family history publications of Wendish origin that families were prepared to donate to the Texas Wendish Heritage Society in Serbin, Texas USA. We had an overwhelming response and my wife ...

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Correspondence from the Sobe family in Lusatia

by Betty Huf

I thought that you might be interested in this email that I received from Arnd and Rita Sobe, who visited us earlier this year. They came to Australia especially to visit Hochkirch/Tarrington. Arnd speaks Upper Sorbian, lives in Hochkirch and is very...

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News from Germany

by John Noack

Angela Merkel new Chancellor of Germany

Angela Merkel was sworn in as Chancellor on 22 November. Her biography by Professor Gerd Langguth indicates that she was born in 1954 at Hamburg. Her father Pastor Horst Kastner moved the family to a ...

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