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Correspondence from the Sobe family in Lusatia

by Betty Huf

I thought that you might be interested in this email that I received from Arnd and Rita Sobe, who visited us earlier this year. They came to Australia especially to visit Hochkirch/Tarrington. Arnd speaks Upper Sorbian, lives in Hochkirch and is very involved in the promotion of the Sorbian language and culture in his area.

Rita and Arnd’s email read as follows:

Dear Betty, dear Colin,
we remember on our stay at you very often with pleasure and submit you herewith our easter greetings. Enclosed you will find actual fotos from easter riding processions (about 1.700 riders at 9 different processions) and easter blossom behind our house. Furthermore is enclosed my report from our visit at Hochkirch published in our monthly newspaper “Pomhaj Boh”. An English version will follow if you are interested in. The best regards from Hochkirch to Hochkirch