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Sorbian Grammar School, Bautzen

by Alfons Frencl

[as emailed to the Wendish Heritage Society]

The Sorbian Grammar School in Bautzen organized a school project about Australia. They visited Herrnhut (Moravian Brethren). At the Museum of Ethnology there they learned about the Aborigines.

Alfons Frencl gave a special power point presentation about Wendish ways to Australia and he introduced some Australian people of Wendish background as well as the areas where most of the Wends settled (Tarrington/Hochkirch, Melbourne/Westgarthtown, Walla Walla/NSW and Barossa Valley.

The students were highly surprised about these historical links between Lusatia and parts of Australia, as it is reported in Sorbian newsletter Serbske Nowiny (15 July 2010). Maybe it is interesting for the Archive of your Wendish Heritage Society.