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Past Events

1860 Hamburg Ships’ 150th Ann. Lunch

by John Noack

Time: Saturday 19 June 2010 at 12.00 noon

Venue : German Club Tivoli, 291 Dandenong Road, Windsor, Victoria.

Speaker: John Noack on “The 1860 Hamburg Ships and their Passengers to Australia”.

A very warm welcome was extended to all who gathered for a luncheon to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the arrival of the 1860 Emigrant Ships from Hamburg to Melbourne.

The luncheon was co-hosted by the Wendish Heritage Society Australia and International Settlers Group, a Service Group of the Genealogical Society of Victoria.

This celebration included inspections of the original, detailed passenger lists and a talk by John Noack about “The 1860 Hamburg Ships and their Passengers” to Australia. The talk included information about the ships and their voyages, about the most common countries of origin and occupations of their passengers and about some of the problems faced by some passengers during the voyage and after they landed in Melbourne.

Ships from Hamburg, which arrived in Australia during 1860, transported about 600 passengers. The Heinrich, Voorwarts, Madras, Dorothea, Magdalena, , Sophie, Amazone and Boreas landed in Melbourne; the Peter Godeffroy with some Wendish passengers and the Cesar Godeffroy landed in Adelaide and the Australia and Sophie landed in Sydney.

Some Wends arrived in Australia in 1860

The ship Peter Godeffroy under Captain S. Johannsen arrived at Adelaide on 8 April 1860 with 62 passengers. These included some Wendish families from Lusatia and since the descendants of these 1860 passengers now live all over Australia, we welcome you all to our Lunch. Wends from Kolkwitz included the Dubrau, Gollnisch and Reichert families; from Werben the Lewitzka family and from Preilack the Tannnebring family. The passengers are listed below as passengers to South Australia.

Sources of Information

A useful source has been the CD “Emigrants from Hamburg to Australasia 1850-1879” compiled by Eric and Rosemary Kopittke, which is available in the Wendish Library, 27 Livingstone Street in Ivanhoe. The passenger information is based on departure lists kept in Hamburg, which had to be completed if there were more than 25 passengers on board. After 1855, a passenger list was compiled for each ship but the names were recorded in the order in which the passengers boarded the ship. The Kopittkes have included useful information about all of these ships and detailed, non-alphabetical passenger lists for some of them, including the 1860 ships Heinrich, Voorwarts, Madras, Peter Godeffroy, Australia, Dorothea, Magdalena, Cesar Godeffroy, Sophie, Amazone and Boreas.

Another source is the Public Record Office in Victoria, which organized the transcribing of the lists of Hamburg passengers from their hand-written originals during the 1980s and 1990s by volunteers.

The PROV’s transcriptions of passengers are available on (1) the CD ROM “Immigration and Shipping Lists: Unassisted Shipping Index 1851-1923” and (2) on the internet under the heading “Unassisted Immigration to Victoria: Index of inward Passenger Lists for British, Foreign and New Zealand Ports, 1852-1923”, on the website The names of the passengers listed below on board the Macassar, Vesta, Alster have been derived from the above website.

The following passenger lists are based mainly on those in the above computer program “Emigrants from Hamburg to Australasia 1850-1879”, published by the Queensland Family History Society and available for use at the Library of the Wendish Heritage Society Australia Inc.

Since the lists of passengers in this program are not in alphabetical order, which makes an index of surnames essential, the surnames below, which have been entered in CAPITAL letters and entered only once, have been carefully arranged in alphabetical order as an index and they include next to each surname the number given to that passenger on the original, non-alphabetical Hamburg Passenger Lists used by Eric and Rosemary Kopittke. Further details about each passenger’s place of origin, including his or her home town and kingdom/state, as well as the occupation, age, gender and sometimes the actual relationships between people are available on the detailed published lists mentioned above.

All of the surnames marked with an asterisk (*) are derived from the above PRO website. These surnames* or alternative spellings after the slash (/), added from the PRO lists, can thus be easily distinguished from the Kopittkes’ excellent and informative lists of passengers on which this index is based.

The passengers on these 1859 Hamburg ships came from all over Continental Europe and especially Denmark, thus making them truly International Settlers.

An alphabetical listing of surnames for each ship is also available for inspection on the Wendish Heritage Society’s website If any of these pioneers are your ancestors, we look forward to seeing you at this celebration.

The 1860 Hamburg Ships and their Melbourne Passengers


The 200-ton barque Heinrich, which arrived on 30 January 1860 in Melbourne, was built in 1844 in Sweden with the name Helena. She was rebuilt in 1853 and named Heinrich. She arrived in Melbourne under Capt C. Spiler with 18 passengers but there is no list available of these 18 passengers. Her cargo included candles, musical instruments, fire bricks, matches, ladies’ hats and other supplies. After her departure from Melbourne, she visited various trading ports in China but vanished between ports in 1861.


The 633-ton barque Voorwarts, which landed on 5 February 1860 in Melbourne, was a Dutch ship and it arrived in Melbourne under Capt E.L. Kerkstra, with the 204 passengers, including about 170 stone masons from most of the European Countries and States for the construction of the Bendigo rail line with the contractors Cornish and Bruce:

[A] Jean ALBERTI, 25; Carl Johann ANDERSON, 136;

[B] Johann Christoph BATZER/PATZER*, 122; Wilhelm BEER, 184; Nils BENGTSSON/BENKSON*, 149; Adam & Anton BERNHARDT, 69&81; Kunigunde & Mathilde BITTNER, 176,177; August Rudolph BOCK, 90; Friedrich BOECKER, 59; Carl BIRNBAUM/BORNBAUM*, 66; Amand BOESS/BOSS*, 53; Deguili BOTTE/BOTH*, 20; Andreas August Gottlieb BRINK/RINK*, 98; Niels Jacobsen BRUHN/BRUNS*, 142; Salvano Louis Jean BOUCHETTO/BUSLESSO*, 159;

[C] Albert Cornelius & Anton Victor CAVADINO/CAVARDINO*/CABADINO*, 106,169; Jean Louis CHANOINE/CHANOVIC*, 24; Jean Baptiste CHASTRUSSE/CHASTRUASO*, 26; Phillipp COBLENZER, 129; Jean Baptiste COPPO/COBO*, 157; Heinrich COHRS, 185; Giacomo COLOMBARA, 27; C. CHRISTENSEN/CRIESTANSAN*, 202; W. CROMEN/GRAMEN*, 188; D. CUATSHIA*;

[D] Francois DALBINOS, 22; Johann Heinrich DAMMERT/DAMMENS*, 63; Jean Baptiste DEYRO/DEIROH*, 156; Carl Friedrich DIETERLE/DIDENLEY*, 128;

[E] Johann Jacob EBENHOCH, 14; Christoph ECKHARD/EKHARD*, 124; Eick Johann ERIKSON/ERICHSON*, 145;

[F] Heinrich & Theodor FALCKENREICH/FALKENRICH*, 168,167; Johann Moritz Alexander FEIL/PFEIL*, 97; Johann Gottlieb FITZNER, 162; Johann Friedrich FLANDERMEYER, 108; Silvestro FONTANA, 5; Jean Andre FOY, 17; Heinrich Joseph FROMMHOLZ/FRAMMHOLZ*, 87; Rasmus FRIEDERICKSEN, 39; Thomas FROSTENSON/TRASTENSON*, 146;

[G] Carl Ed GEBHARD, 58; Joachim GEERTH/GEHRT*, 155; Johann Caspar GIMPEL, 60; Johann Georg GLAS/CLAS*, 170; Johann Friedrich GLOCK/CLOK*, 127; Carl Eduard GOHLER/POHLER*, 72; Jean Dominique GUAECHIO/GOETSCHE*?, 160; Friederich GRAEFE, 190; Antoine GRUPPO, 21; Matheo GUELPA, 3; G. GUITANI*?; Johann Bernhard GUTMANN, 153;

[H] Jac Friedrich HAAG/HAAR*, 132; Johann Wilhelm Friedrich HABELRATH, 74; Bengt HAAKANSSON/HAGANSAN*, 141; Jes, Jens Christiana, Andreas Johannes & C.A. HANSEN/HAMSEN*/HUNSEN*, 36,40, 161,178; Fridolin HARING/HERING*, 120; Jacques HIRZELER/ HINZLER*, 173; H. HEERMAGEN*?; Ulrich HEIL, 152; Anton HILL/HELL*, 75; P.P. HOLMERS/HALMERS*, 183; Jacob & Nicolaus HURTEN/HIRTENS*, 93,94; Martin HOFFMANN, 107; Clemenz August HOHENSEE, 92; Wilhelm HOLZ, 114; Giovanni INVERNIZZI/INVERNISSE*, 16;

[J] J.P. & Swen JACOBSEN/JACOBSAN*, 196,197; Fridr Wm JAECKEL/TAECKEL*, 103; Jes, Paul, Soren, Hans & Christian JENSEN/GENSON*/JANSON*, 36,41,143,144,147; Magnus JOHANNSON, 137; Jens, Erlands & Elias JONSSON, 135,138,139; Niels JURGENSEN/GURGENSEN*, 179;

[K] Peter & Johann KLAES/KLASF*, 89,104; H. KLASLER* ?; Georg KLEIN, 121; Wilhelm KLENN, 61; Carl Anton KNOBBE, 64; Johannes KOHLER, 85; Fridr KOLB/ROLL*?, 52; Gerolamo KONCHI/PONCHI*, 18; Adam KRESS/GREIF*, 86; Herman Ed KUBIG, 172;

[L] Georg & L.P. LARSEN/LARSAN*/LAWSEN*, 201,203; Eduard LEFEBRE/LEFEBVRE*, 11; Emil LAIBEN/LEIBER*, 199; Johannes LEIPOLD/LEIBOLD, 82; Anton LINZERBACH/LENSERBACH, 109; Peter LEVEN, 65; Franz Heinrich LUBBRECHT/LEBRECHT*, 105; Johann Friedrich LUCAS, 164; Berthel LUNDT, 33; Mathias LUXERN/LUYERN*,

[M] Fritz MAACK/MANK*, 187; Hermann Heinrich MARKFORT, 116; Carl Gustav & Albert Victor MARX/MARKS*, 95,96; Johann Joachim MARCKS, 165; Antonio, Pietro & Zacavia MAZZA/MASSA*, 2,8,9; Hendrick MATHIESEN, 38; Hubert MERMAGER/HEERMAGEN*, 88; Carl Ad METHE/MEDE*, 193; Felix MEDICI, 6; Jac MEYER, 195; Hans MICHELSEN/MICHELSEIN*, 180; Stephan MOLLANDIN/MOLLANDEN*, 73; Peter Mattiessen MOLLER/MOELLER, 34; Joseph MANTEGAZZA/MONTEGAZZI, 117; Julius, Lorenz & Jos MULLER/MUELLER, 91,130,166;
[N] Laust and Nils NIELSEN/NEILSEN*, 35,148; Svend NIELSSON/NIELSON*, 140; J.F.L. NIEMANN, 174; L. NILSANBERD*;

[O] Claus Hinr OSSENBRUGGE, 133;

[P] Christian PATZER*; Federico PESSINA/PECCINA*, 13; Alexander PESTENI/PERTINI*, 118; Emil Carl Paul PETERS, 134; Peter sand Frederick Bensen PETERSEN/PETERSON*, 37,150; George PFEIFFER, 84; Heinrich PFLUGER, 43; Enrico PIAZZOLI/PIASSOLI*, 1; Gustav PICKHARDT, 67; Jacon PIEL, 44; Wilhelm PLUMACHER, 80; Fridr & Fridr Wilhelm POHL, 48,49; Heinrich POHLEN, 51; Johann PRIESTOR/PRIESLER*, 204;

[R] Francois RIONDEL, 29; Nicolas REUTER, 68; Carl Fridr & Friedrich Wilhelm RICHTER, 100,113; Joh Fridr RIESE, 70; Arnold Hubert Joseph RITZER/RITSEN*, 50; Dominico ROSSI, 23;

[S] Jean SALAMAND/LABAINAND*, 30; Timotheus SCHAUM, 115; J.G. SCHOLLKOPF/SCHELLKOPP*, 198; Paul SCHLONZER/SCHLANZER*, 131; Philipp SCHLAUSS, 56; Joh Mich SCHMIDT/SCHMID*, 123; Gottfried, Johannes Wilhem & Jos SCHNEIDER, 12,83,125; Hans Hendrik SCHOER/SHUN*?, 163; Francois SERRES, 10; B. SOMMERFELDT/LUMMENFELD, 192; Giuseppe SPREAFICO/SPERAFICE*, 15; Johs STANGEN/STANGER*, 200; Joh STEINKE, 186; Joh Heinrich SIEBRASSE/SUTRASSE*, 71;

[T] Pietro Antonio TAMINI, 28; Francois Eugene TEYSSONNEIRE, 31;

[V] Marco VALLENTE, 7; Francois VALLADON/VALLIEON*, 23; Joseph VALLERIA/TALERIO*, 158;

[W] Friedrich Wilhelm WADSTEIN, 154; Peter Wilhelm WAGNER, 101; Fridr WANGEMANN, 42; Franz WEIXEL/WEICHSEL*, 112; Ewald Philipp WIESEMANN/WESEMANN, 99; Ferd WEILER/WIELER*, 47; Juls WICHGRAF/WIHGRAF*, 175; Theodor WORMS, 54; Carl WULBERN/WULBENN, 194; Adolph August WURF, 78;

[Z] Joseph ZBINDEN/ZBINDER*, 19; Joseph ZINNER, 79; Peter Anton ZORN/LARN*, 126.


The 330-ton barque Madras arrived on 5 March 1860 in Melbourne under Captain B. L. Saman with supplies for Victorians, including candles, matches, cigars, books and furniture and the following 48 passengers who are listed as mainly farmers (Landmann) from Switzerland (Schweiz):
James Arthurs,2; Bruno BARCH/BARTH*,47; Pietro BATTTILANO, 27; Joseph BRUNNER/BRUMNEN*, 4; Antonio CORTESI, 18; Giovanni Dominico COSTA, 28; Battista & Luigi CRAMERI/CRAMESI, 19,20; Antonio DALBERTI, 22; Andreas EUL/ERLL*, 42; Guido FINSTER, 3; Giulio FRANCONI, 10; Joh Christ FRANZ, 43,44; Girolamo GERVASI, 35; Giovanni GIO/GIR*, 15; Bernado, Sant & Giacomo GIR, 11,16,17; Giacomo GODENZI, 31; Peter GOTZINGER/GOTSINGER*, 6; Johann GUNTSCH, 8 M.A. HANDWERCK, 41; Diedrich HENNE, 1; Diedrich & Marie HINSCH/HENSCH*/HINCH*, 39,40; Bernado LANFRANCHI, 13; Benedetto & Picho LARDI, 33,36; August LEYKAUF 5; Giovanni MINI, 14; Giuseppi & Valeris OLZA, 9,12; Valentine OLGIATI/OLGRATI*, 7; Marie & Lucie PETERSEN, 45,46; Giovanni, Martino, Alberto & Pietro POLA/POLD*, 23,24,25,30; Gregorio PRAVICINI, 29; Picho RONCHI, 37; Giacvomo SALVEREZZA,26; Francesco Schwarz, 21; W. SHIELDS*?; Johann Karl THURIG/THRING*, 48; Bernado TONA, 32; Ph H WAGNER, 38; Vittore ZANOLI, 34.


The 286-ton barque Dorothea landed on 3 May 1860 in Melbourne. It was built in Hamburg in 1856 and made six voyages to Melbourne, with her 1860 trip under Captain M.F. Gantschow being her third to Melbourne. Her cargo included supplies such as hosiery, clothes, boots, chicory, plants, liquor, Swiss cheese, toys and 2 cases of books for Matthias Goethe. This ship was sold in 1869 and was renamed the Hansa. Her twelve passengers included: Carl ADOLPH*; Therese CLASIUS*; C.C. JOHAMSON*; C. MULLER* and T.R, Theres, Lina, Therese, Auguste, Hermine and Rosalie STRIEM*.


The 422-ton barque Magdalena, which landed on 18 July 1860 in Melbourne , was built in Hamburg in 1857 and made two trips to Melbourne, the last being in 1860 under Captain M.D. Henrichsen. It landed with supplies and with 93 passengers offering a wide range of occupations and coming mainly from Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein, Wurtemburg, Saxony, Prussia and Hannover:
Louise, Christine, Ludwig, Ernestine & Sophie ABEL, 55-59; Antonio AMBROSINI, 6; Christian BAUER, 11; Hans BECK, 36; J.H. BERNDT. 52; Elisabeth BLANZ/BLAUZ*, 53; Johann BOHDE/ROHDE*, 22; C.J. BOMESEN, 72; Christian BOTTCHER, 84; August BRANDT, 15; C.W. BRODERSEN/BRODEWRSON*, 71; Peter BRUN, 70; Pietro CANOBBIA/CANNOBRIO*, 1; Johann CARSTENSEN, 32; Pietro CARTI; Pietro DEIAMPI/DECAMPI*, 2; Ambrosia di GIOVANNI, 3; Fr ELBRECHT, 28; Johann ENGEL,83; Friedrich FELSMANN, 23; Dierck & Caspar FOCK, 45,48; Jacob FRIEDRICHSEN, 35; Paul GLAY/GLOY*, 8; Jurgen & Hans GRAU/GRAN*, 33,34; Adolph GULLERS/TULLERS*, 85; Emil HAAS, 7; Friedrich HAFNER/HAFFNER*, 77; Johanne Louise HAHN, 50; L. HAMMEL, 24; Louis HASTED, 26; E.S.H. HELMKAMPF/HELMKAMFP*, 76; Ed HELMS, 12; G.F. HELLER/HETTER*, 62; August Fr HONIG, 80; Andr JENSEN, 30; Peter JURGENSEN/JURGENSON*, 31; Christina KISSLING, 68; Johann and Peter KNOPP, 20,21; Jochim KRUGER, 44; J.F. & Christine LEONHARDT, 60,61; Alex LUNECKE/LIEMECKI, 92; Carl LINNEMANN/LIMZEMANN*, 25; M. MANKIEWITZ/MANKEWICZ*, 9; F.W. MAATSCH/MAUTSCH, 13; Clemente MERIZZI, 5; Hans MICHEL, 43; Minne & Minne MOHRMANN, 37,38; Ludwig MORK/MORCK*, 73; Ad NEUMANN, 86; Lorenz NIELSEN, 29; Claus NISSEN, 49; Heinrich, Cathrine, Heinrich & Michael OTT, 64-67; Friedrich PAHL, 42; Waldemar PENGEL, 74; C. PLOCK, 27; Otto PRAEL, 39; Clemens PUMP, 40; Christine RAIS, 78; D. REICHENBACH, 81; Doris REINBOLD/REIMBOLD*, 16; Hans RUHMANN/KUHMANN*, 47; H.W. SASS, 10; Carl SCHALE, 79; H. SCHMIDT, 82; H. SCHRADER, 87; R. SCHREIER, 91; Ernst SCHROEDER, 46; Theodor/Pheodar* SEIDEL/LEIDEL*, 75; Hermine SINGER, 90; A. STOCKMEYER, 93; Franz STRACHWITZ, 69; Mathilde SZKLAREK/SYGLARECK*, 88; J.H. THILSEN/THIESEN*, 51; Johann, Catherina & Maria VOGT, 17-19; Clemens VOLCKMANN/VOLKMANN*, 41; K.R. Von Wolff, 89; Georg WEIDMANN, 54; Caroline WEISS, 63 and A. WIEGENKNECHT/WIEGENNECHT*, 14.


The 266-ton barque Amazone, which landed on 25 October 1860 in Melbourne, was built in Cuxhaven in 1852. She made only this one voyage to Melbourne, which was under Captain Carl F. Reise and she brought the usual supplies and 52 passengers from various kingdoms and states in Germany and with a wide range of occupations, including farming and selling goods:
J.H. ALTENDORF/HALLENDORF*, 48; Kund ANDRESEN, 44; August BEYER, 36; Samuel BIRCK/BIRK*, 43; Johann BOBSIN/BOBSEN*, 38; Marie & Margaretha BOOTH, 6,7; Emil BRAUN, 45; August BROCKMANN, 423; C.H. BRUUN/BRUM*, 32; Johann DALLWIG, 29; Johanna, Emilie * Catha EHRENFRIED/EHRENFRED*, 8-10; Friedrich ERCKEN, 24; Hans GLOY/GLORY*, 22; August HAMANN/HAMANND*, 28; Ernestine/Emertine*& infant HAUSCHILD, 13; Phillip & Elisabeth HELM, 19,20; I.T. & Catha HENZERLING/HENSERLING*, 17,18; Friedrich HERZOG, 21; H.H. HOEPPNER/HOFFNER*, 35; J.J. HOLM, 34; Friedrich HANISCH/HUMUSCH*, 27; Paul JACOBSEN, 30; Georg JANN, 46; Jorgen KOCK, 41; Ad LEISEWITZ/LEISEWITE*, 50; J.I. & Helene LETZERICH; Henry LEWIS, 47; D., Christine, Louis, Friedr, Simon LINDENMAIER/LINDEMAIN*, 1-5; Salli MENDELSOHN, 26; Heinrich MOIE/MORE*, 39; Carl NIESE, 37; Wilhelm & Helene RECKER/BICKER*, 51,52; Garbellini ROMERIRO/GARVELLINI, 40; Philippine ROSE, 14; Rolof SALZER, 25; Catha & Dorothea SCHEIBEL, 11,12; J.F. SKRAU/SKRAN*, 33; Augustin STEIN/HEIN*, 23; Lauritz THIEN, 31; Ed TRUBENBACH, 49. A. VON LESTOCQ/LESTCOEG*.


The 320-ton barque Boreas, which landed on 22 December 1860 in Melbourne, was built in 1854 in the Andersen shipyards at Apenrade. This trip under Captain Otto Nagel was her third and final trip to Melbourne and she was sold in 1865 to Aarstad of Stavanger. Beside a cargo of supplies, she carried the following 44 passengers:
Jens & Hans Chr BRODERSEN/BRODEWRSON*, 26,27; Jacob, Mary, Heinrich, Albert, Isbrin & Jacob CHRISTIE, 37-42; Jul & Auguste DISCHER, 20,21; W. ELTZE/ELTZER*, 31; Jul FRANIKEL/FRANKEL*, 5; Georg FREI, 33; C. GEISLER, 35; ; G.W. HAAKE, 44; Rud HAMMER, 36; Albert HEYDE, 7; Herrman HINSCH, 18; Frdr KOLBERCH, 28; Fz Rud KORFF/KORTT*, 13; F.W. KRUGER, 6; Ferd KUPFERSCHMIDT, 32; Reinh & Pauline KURTZ/KURTH*, 9,10; Fr Lud LANG, 19; Ed LEMBCKE, 16; Reinh LEWALTER/LEWALTZER*, 34; Wilhelmine LUEBBE, 43; Carl MARTENS, 29; Heinrich MELLIN, 12; Friedericke PFENNIG/PFLEMIG, 8; Johann RATZOW, 30; Magtha REICHMANN, 14; Rich SCHULZ/SCHULTZ*, 11; C. SCHUMACHER, 25; Th SCHWENN/SCHWEM*, 24; Jos SELIGMANN, 17; Bhd SPRENGER/SPRINGER*, 22; Ad TIMM, 23; Johannes WAGNER, 15; Joh. Johanne, Carl & Anna WALTHER, 1-4.

The 1860 Hamburg Ships and their Adelaide Passengers

Peter Godeffroy

The 350-ton barque Peter Godeffroy, which arrived on 14 February 1860 in Adelaide, was built in 1857 and she made four trips to Australia. This trip under Captain T Johannsen was the second. The South Australian Advertiser on 9 April 1860 reported that this ship was delayed in South America because the 1,200 ton ship “John and Lucy” ,carrying almost 500 passengers from Plymouth in England, hit an uncharted sunken reef at St Rogue near the South American coast and was wrecked. The life-boats were unusable but fortunately the nearby South American natives used their rowing boats to rescue these passengers and none drowned. Since the Peter Godeffroy was near this site of the shipwreck, she stayed at Simon’s Bay for a while in order to assist these passengers until the ship Orient arrived for the passengers. In 1867 she was sold to Prussia and was renamed Wilhelm. The 79 passengers, including four Wendish families, are the following:

H. BERGER, 61; Johannes BRAUER, 71; Gustav DAMKOHLER/DAMKOEHLER, 78;
Marie & Anna DIEDRICH, 5,6; Gottlieb & Elisabeth DUBRAU, 14,15 (Wends from Kolkwitz);
Johanne, Rosine & Ernstine FICHTNER, 67-69; Heinrich FRIEBEL, 44;
Ernst GEISLER, 70; Georg GEORG, 8; Wilhelm, Ernestine, Ernestine & Wilhelm GERSCHWITZ, 63-66; Ferd, Christiane, Hanne & Christian GOLLNISCH, 20-23 (Wends from Kolkwitz); Ed GURKE/GUERKE, 31; Ad HANSEN, 60; Marie HEEB/ZEEB, 46;
Louise HOLING/HOELING, 77; Friedrich & Anna KAGE, 54,55; Otto, Pfarrer W & Julie KEPPLER, 45,75,76; Friedrich KIBACH, 56; Carl, Juliane & Louise KIRSCH, 32-34; Wilhelm, Henriette, Ernestine, Carl & August KNAUERHASE, 37-42; Gerard KREFFT, 79;Gustav & Wilhelmine KUSCHKE, 57,59; Carl, Ernestine & Emilie LEDITSCHKE, 24-26; Christian & Christiane LEWITZKA, 12,13 (Wends from Werben); Marie, Oscasr, Alwine & Reinhold MARQUARDT, 1-4; Heinrich MOLLER/MOELLER, 72; Friedr & Daniel MULLER/MUELLER, 10,11;Aug RATTAY, 48; ; Jul RECHT, 9; 16-19; Christian, Elisabeth & Christiane REICHERT (Wends from Kolkwitz); Gust ROHRING/ROEHRING, 7; Paul RUSSWURM, 62; Wilhelm SCHMIDT, 43; Georg SCHODDE, 47; Gottlieb & August SCHOLZ, 35,36;Joh, Anna, Maria & Louise TANNEBRING, 49-53 (Wends from Preilack); Hermann & Johannes THILE, 73,74;Gottlieb, Eleonore, Auguste & Louise WURST, 27-30.

Cesar Godeffroy

The 420-ton barque Cesar Godeffroy arrived on 17 September 1860 at Adelaide on her third of eight voyages to Australia. Under Captain J. Fruchtenicht, she carried a cargo which included rams, cement, dried fruit, picks, shovels and other items, as well as the 48 passengers from Hamburg. She then arrived in Melbourne with a cargo of raisins, fruit, fur, wine, shovels, mining picks and 16 merino rams, and with some passengers with English surnames, probably from Adelaide. This ship was sold in 1872 and was renamed Helene.

Adelaide Passengers:

Siegmund APPELBAUM, 23; August BAUDE, 3; Carl BRANDES, 40;
Wilhelm DOBERSCH, 6; Gottfried, Elisabeth, Louise & Wilhelmine DUPPEL, 14-17;
Friedrich, Anna, Wilhelmine, Wilhelm,Wilhelmine & Carl GRASKE, 8-13;
August & Wilhelmine HABEL, 41,42; Wilhelm HEISE, 46; Hermann HOLTZHEIMER, 7; Gottfried, Dorothea & August HORN, 34-36; August JUST, 1; Hermann KEIL, Henriette LANGE, 5; Christian, Elisabeth & Louise MARSCHNER, 37-39; Friedrich, Wilhelmine & Louise MATTNER, 25-27; Joseph PABST, 43; Adolph SANSOSI, 48.
Friedrich SCHOBER, 24; Christiane SCHOLZ, 4; Carl TEITZEL, 45; Wilhelm, Louise, Ernestine, Johanne & Friedrich UNGER, 28-32; Max VON SEEBACH, 47; Gottfried, Anna, Dorothea, Friedrich & Carl WACHNER, 18-22; Elisabeth WEIMANN, 33.

Melbourne Passengers:

Mr, Mrs and child HAY; Mr R. JONES and three passengers in the Steerage.

The 1860 Hamburg Ships and their Sydney Passengers


The brig Australia arrived on 30 March 1860 in Sydney. It was built in 1858, made only this one voyage to Australia under Captain Jansen with 9 passengers in the steerage and cargo but no passenger list has so far been located. The 9 passengers are unknown.


The 280-ton barque Sophie arrived on 19 September 1860 at Sydney with cargo of ordered packages and 63 passengers. She was built in 1850 at Reiherstag near Hamburg and this was her fifth of ten trips to Australia. The passengers include:

Ferdinand BLANKENBURG, 10; Johann & Johann BLUM, 19,20; Heinrich BOTZEL/BOETZEL, 23; Emanuel CLEEM, 17; Christine DEINIGER, 34; Albert DETTMANN, 1; Heinrich & Christine DETTMAR, 35,36; Justus DIPPEL, 25; August DITTMAR, 6; Justus FINGER, 16; Heinrich FRISCHOLZ, 15; Johann GARTHE, 26;
Carl GEISLER (Doctor); Jorgen GIESSMANN, 39; Wilhelm GOTTWERTH, 3; Johann HERGUTH, 18; Ferdinand KIRNER, 42; Heinrich & Catharine LANGE, 11,12; Emilie, Wilhelmina & Mathilda LESSING; Wilhelm, Marie & Carl MULLER/MUELLER, 30,37,38;
Johannes & Conrad NAUMANN, 24,28; Ernestine, Heinrich, Theodor & Maria NIELSEN, 43-46; Adam NIKOLAUS, 27; Louise, Franz & Hermine PASSEYER, 50-52; Caroline PAULSMEYR; Joh PFUHL, 4; Johanna RAUSCH, 7; Catharine SCHMIDT, 33; Gustav & Hermann SCHULCKE/SCHUELCKE, 8,9; Christiane & Eduard SCHUMANN, 13,14; Catharina SEIBEL, 22; Conrad & Wilhelm SIEMON, 40,41; Heinrich TRUS, 21; Caroline & Friedrich UTZ, 31,32; George & Anna VESPER, 2,5; Henrietta, Dorothea & Hermann VOGES, 47-49; Johannes ZAHN, 29.