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Past Events

The Deutscher Family Wendish Dinner

by John Noack

The Society’s 2006 Annual Dinner was held in the Community Centre at Calvary Lutheran Church, Greensborough. The Dinner celebrated the 20th Anniversary of our Society and the contribution of the Deutscher family to Australia.

Guest speakers, Chris Deutscher of Deutscher-Menzies Fine Art Auctioneers and Valuers, and Daryl Deutscher of Deutscher’s Turkey Farm at Dadswells Bridge, Victoria spoke of the Deutscher family’s arrival on the Alfred in 1848 and settlement in Australia. They referred the audience to the Deutscher family history book which contains much valuable information. They even had a few spare copies for distribution.

The speakers did not anticipate that there would be a power blackout for most of the evening! Their presentations, with the aid of torches and from memory, were much appreciated.

Kevin Zwar, our President gave a special tribute to Pastor Siegfried Albert, Lutheran Pastor at Groeditz, who, in his spare time translated many articles from Wendish into German, including the 1848 petition from Wends to the King of Saxony requesting better treatment of the Wends. His translations have made an excellent contribution to our knowledge of Wendish issues.