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Past Events

Annual General Meeting 2019

by Betty Huf

We are very pleased to report that our AGM on 6 April was very successful.  We thank those who attended the Meeting or appointed proxies and those who sent greetings and messages of support.

We had 23 people in attendance, 5 apologies and 44 proxies.  The main item of business was the Motion to adopt the “2012 Model Rules for an Incorporated Association” for our Society.  We are very pleased to report that this Motion was carried unanimously.

The following Office Bearers and Committee Members were re-elected:  President Betty Huf; Vice-President John L. Modra; Secretary Glenys Wollermann; Treasurer Rob Wuchatsch; Committee Members Janice Blackburn, Joel Blackburn, Mary Cooper, Clay Kruger, Beryl Nagorcka and Moira Nagorcka.

In her President’s Report, Betty Huf examined the 10 aims of our Society, as set out in our Rules, and gave a detailed outline of how each of these aims has been achieved.  Betty thanked all Committee members for their support and for their contribution to the successful functioning of our Society in the areas of our Annual Dinner, our March Tour, our Newsletters and Website, our Library and our Treasury and Secretarial portfolios.  Their efforts on behalf of the Society are gratefully appreciated.

Treasurer Robert Wuchatsch presented the Annual Financial Statement for 2018.  He reported that we had a successful year.  The total credit monies held in accounts as at 31 December 2018 was $18,314.80.  This was an increase of $1,781.74 since the previous year.  It was decided that there will be no increase in membership fees for the coming year.  Robert explained that there are three people involved in looking after the finances:  Glenys (Secretary) collects the mail and sends the cheques to Robert for banking.  Clay (Assistant Treasurer) handles the online banking, keeps the membership records up to date and prepares invoices and reminder notices.

Thank you to our donors

We sincerely thank our members who have made donations to the work of our Society, in addition to paying for their memberships.  The following are the members whose donations were received from 1 August 2018 to 31 July 2019:
R. Albert; G. Allen; J. Ballinger; R. S. Bee; R. Bransdon-Parkes; D. Brown; J. Burger; P. A. Burger; R. Butler; C. Comas; M. E. Dalziel; B. Davies; D. Deutscher; P. Eagles; G. Escreet; C. Freeman; E. Gorman; C. Green; H. Handreck; N. Hattwich; E. Hayden; S. Hayward; D. Herbig; R. C. Heussler; J. & A. Hoffmann; C. & B. Huf; J. & A. Keller; G. Kelly; A. Koch; T. Humphries; J. Kollosche; M. Kramer; K. Lehmann; J. Lange; A. Lueders; N. Miller; T. Modra; C. Moulder; B. & M. Nagorcka; J. Pearce; S. Pfeiffer; A. Proposch; L. Proposch; T. Proposch; P. Richardson; M. K. Robson; N. Rose; B. Ross; E. Rouch; J. Scheetz; M. C. Scheetz; J. Schilg; S. & A. Simpfendorfer; G. Uebergang; B. Van Elst; J. Williams; J. D. & S. M. Zwar.