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Past Events

AGM, 16 May 2015

by Rob Wuchatsch

We are pleased to report that our AGM on 16 May was very successful. We thank all members who sent strong messages of support in the lead-up to the AGM. We especially thank those who attended the Meeting or appointed proxies. We feel heartened by your strong encouragement for our Society to continue. 

Our AGM was to be held on Saturday 11 April, but as we did not have a quorum at that meeting, we held a postponed AGM on Saturday 16 May.

The venue was our meeting room at St Aidan’s Community Centre, 12 Surrey St, Box Hill South, Victoria. We had 17 people in attendance and approximately 80 proxies. We elected a new President, Rob Wuchatsch, and a new Vice President, John L. Modra. Glenys Wollermann was re-elected as Secretary. Clay Kruger very graciously agreed to continue for another year, in the absence of any other nominations for Treasurer. Committee members are Betty Huf, Moira Nagorcka, Beryl Nagorcka, Mary Cooper and Geoff Matuschka.

Clay Kruger presented the Annual Financial Statement for 2014. He reported that our financial situation is very good. As at December 2014, the total balance in the bank account was $19,302.13.

The number of members of our Society has remained fairly stable, at about 325. Our finances are in a strong and healthy position and we express our sincere gratitude to Clay for this. Clay also serves our Society in other ways: maintaining membership records, emailing our newsletters and organizing events, to name but a few.

The following is the Report that Robert Wuchatsch presented at the AGM:

2015 AGM – Acting President’s Report

While events over the last year were overshadowed by the dispute within the committee, notable achievements were the successful relocation of our library from Ivanhoe to Box Hill South; publication of two excellent newsletters; continued provision of valuable family history information to members and others via library visits and email enquiries; and our 2014 Annual Luncheon.

The committee has been heartened by the strong show of support by members in recent times and the clear message that we should strive to keep the Society going. Now the dispute has been resolved, our aim for the next year will be to continue to produce our newsletters and assist with family research queries, but also to update the Society’s website, now 10 years old. As part of the website update, we hope to digitise some of our many records to enable easier access.

These tasks will be our new committee’s priorities, however, various factors have thinned our ranks. John Noack is taking a break from committee work and we thank him for his outstanding contribution to the Society over many years. Joel Blackburn, our Interim President and Computer/Website Manager, has been battling ill-health for the last nine months, including a lengthy spell in hospital. Janice Blackburn, our Librarian, has been busy caring for Joel. They have reluctantly advised that after 13 years they are unable to continue on the committee but wish to remain involved. We thank them for their enormous contributions and wish them well.

My thanks also go to all other committee members and helpers. We give special thanks to Clay Kruger, who has served 14 years on the committee. Clay has given 12 years of distinguished service as Treasurer, handling membership subscriptions and building and managing our funds into the very healthy financial position we find ourselves in today.

Glenys Wollermann has now served on the committee for 14 years. Starting with several years as Librarian, she has now been Minutes Secretary for 11 years, Secretary for 8 years and Newsletter Editor for 4 years. In particular, she has worked tirelessly over the last year under great difficulties. Thank also to Betty Huf, Geoff Matuschka, Kevin and Robyn Zwar and all others who have contributed over the past year.