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The 1859 Hamburg Ships’ 150th Anniversary

by John Noack

The International Settlers’ Group celebrates the 1859 Hamburg Ships

Report on Dinner

The 150th Anniversary of the arrival of the 1859 Hamburg Ships to Melbourne was celebrated at a Dinner held on Friday 16 October at 12 noon at the Tivoli German Club on Dandenong Road in Windsor. This Dinner was planned and organised by the International Settlers’ Group within the Genealogical Society of Victoria and the menu offered a wide range of germanic-style meals, which included light meals (Leichte Kuche) such as Frankfurt-style sausages and salad for $10 and Main Servings (Hauptspeise) such as roast pork hock (Haxe), red cabbage and potato dumplings for $24.

The theme was “1859 Hamburg Ships to Melbourne” and these 1859 ships and their passengers were posted on the website: They included the Macassar, Vesta, Circassian, Alster, Johannes, Linda, Carlotta, Alfred, P.C. Kinch, Cesar and Heleneand Olympia. Folders were also prepared for each of these ships and their contents included (1) an alphabetical index, along with each passenger’s numbered location in the list; (2) the passenger list as compiled by Eric Kopittke and/or the Public Record Office in Victoria; (3) the ship’s statistics relating to each passenger’s place of origin and occupation and (4) an English translation of the listed places of origin and occupations.

The speaker John Noack explained that the ships P.C. Kinch and the Olympia brought many stone masons to Victoria, in order to work for Cornish and Bruce, who were constructing the railway from Melbourne to Sandhurst/Bendigo. The contract was for a 10-hour day, which was not acceptable to other Australian railway workers, who had recently in the mid-1850s achieved an eight hour day. The pay rate of these immigrants stated in their contracts was also considered too low. For a while these immigrants were kept on board their ship, until some earlier immigrants from Germanic states who were then living in Melbourne, provided hospitality for them and convinced the police that they had no authority to detain these stone-masons on their ship.

The Carlotta brought 57 passengers to Melbourne, including W. Occolowitz as passenger number 42. His recorded details indicate that he came from Schwerin in Mecklenburg, that he was an Uhrmacher (watchmaker), that he was aged 26 in 1859 and that he was a male. His descendant John Occolowitz now lives in the USA and could not attend the Dinner but in his recent email, he informed us that the given name of his ancestor was Wilhelm. In relation to the places of origin of other Carlotta passengers, 13 came from Prussia, 9 from Hannover, 7 from Denmark and 6 from Schleswig. The most common occupation was Landmann or farmer.

The Olympia brought 220 passengers, including 214 stonemasons, as well as a bookbinder, a carpenter and a miller. 75 came from Denmark, 35 from Sardinia, 27 from Prussia, 9 came from Hannover and 5 from Hesse. One of these stonemasons from Hesse was Claudius Weinert, who was recorded as passenger No. 89 and who is an ancestor of Lyn Parsons from Berowra Heights in New South Wales, who attended the Dinner. Claudius came from Grundheim in Hesse and was 42 in 1859. Lyn has located a picture of the Olympia from the Brodie Collection at the State Library of Victoria.

The ship Cesar and Helene brought to Australia Johann and Caroline Heyne and family from Rodewitz in Upper Lusatia, Saxony. Johann was aged 42 and their three children were Anna, Magdalene and Heinrich. Netta Heyne informed us that they are her ancestors.

The speaker John Noack also referred to other Wendish families which arrived in 1859, including the Buder, Reichau and Starick families on board the barque Johannes; the Breitza family and G. Matuschka on board the Carlotta; the Towk family on board the P.C. Kinch and the Heyne family on theCesar and Helene.

Several group photos were taken and labelled and will be published in various Newsletters and Websites.

Diners, including the descendants of 1859 immigrants, appreciated very much the work of Yvonne Izatt and her team in organising this 150th Anniversary Dinner.

John Noack, Speaker and President of the Wendish Heritage Society Australia.

Background to 1859 Shipping Lists

These twelve ships from Hamburg which all arrived during 1859 and transported to Melbourne over 600 passengers, included the Macassar on 21 Jan, the Vesta on 29 Jan, the Circassian on 7 March, the Alster on 24 March, the Richard on 30 March, the Johannes on 31 March, the Linda on 4 August, Carlota on 15 September, the Alfred on 23 September, the P.C. Kinch on 7 November, the Cesar and Helene on 22 November and the Olympia on 26 November.

Some Wends on board

Four of these ships arrived with some Wendish families from both Lower Lusatia in Prussia (or Preussen) and from Upper Lusatia in Saxony (Sachsen).

These four ships were the following:

The barque Johannes brought the Wends Christian Buder, a farmer from Preilack Prussia aged 36 with his wife Anna and four children Friedrich, Martin, Johann and Louise; George Reichau from Jaenschwalde, Prussia a farmer aged 34 with his wife Auguste and 2 children Florentine and Auguste & F.W. Starick a farmer from Jaenschwalde Prussia aged 29 with his wife Anna and a toddler Martin aged 3;

The clipper Carlota transported the Wends Martin Breitza a farmer aged 23 with his wife Anna and Hans Breitza aged 20, both farmers from Jaenschwalde Prussia & G Matuschka a smith from Drewitz Prussia aged 15;

The barque P.C.Kinch came with the Wends Towk spelt Thowk a farmer from Jaenschwalde Prussia aged 41 with wife Anna and six children Martin, Maria, Anna, Louise, Christian and Lise & Hans Lehmann a farmer from Heinersbrueck Prussia aged 43 with wife Anna and their 6 children Anna, Martin, Maria, Hans, Elisabeth and Friedrich; and finally

Cesar and Helene, with the Wends Johann Heyne a farmer from Rodewitz, Saxony aged 42 with his wife Caroline and their 3 children Anna, Magdalene and

A Towk descendant has only recently discovered from these lists that the ship in which the Towks came to Australia was the P.C.Kinch, a 347 ton Danish barque under Captain C.L.Kohn with 166 passengers. It landed on 6 November 1859. The spelling of Towk as Thowk have created some problem for them.


A useful source has been the CD “Emigrants from Hamburg to Australasia 1850-1879” compiled by Eric and Rosemary Kopittke, which is available in the Wendish Library, 27 Livingstone Street in Ivanhoe. The passenger information is based on departure lists kept in Hamburg, which had to be completed if there were more than 25 passengers on board. After 1855, a passenger list was compiled for each ship but the names were recorded in the order in which the passengers boarded the ship. The Kopittkes have included useful information about all of these ships and detailed, non-alphabetical passenger lists for half of them, including the ships Macassar, Johannes, Linda , Carlota, P.C. Kinch, Cesar and Helene and Olympia.

Another source is the Public Record Office in Victoria, which organized the transcribing of the lists of Hamburg passengers from their hand-written originals during the 1980s and 1990s by volunteers.

The PROV’s transcriptions of passengers are available on (1) the CD ROM “Immigration and Shipping Lists: Unassisted Shipping Index 1851-1923” and (2) on the internet under the heading “Unassisted Immigration to Victoria: Index of inward Passenger Lists for British, Foreign and New Zealand Ports, 1852-1923”, on the website The names of the passengers listed below on board the Macassar, Vesta, Alster have been derived from the above website.

The following passenger lists are based mainly on those in the above computer program “Emigrants from Hamburg to Australasia 1850-1879”, published by the Queensland Family History Society and available for use at the Library of the Wendish Heritage Society Australia Inc.

Since the lists of passengers in this program are not in alphabetical order, which makes an index of surnames essential, the surnames below, which have been entered in CAPITAL letters and entered only once, have been carefully arranged in alphabetical order as an index and they include next to each surname the number given to that passenger on the original, non-alphabetical Hamburg Passenger Lists used by Eric and Rosemary Kopittke. Further details about each passenger’s place of origin, including his or her home town and kingdom/state, as well as the occupation, age, gender and sometimes the actual relationships between people are available on the detailed published lists mentioned above.

All of the surnames marked with an asterisk (*) are derived from the above PRO website. These surnames* or alternative spellings after the slash (/), added from the PRO lists, can thus be easily distinguished from the Kopittkes’ excellent and informative lists of passengers on which this index is based.

The passengers on these 1859 Hamburg ships came from all over Continental Europe and especially Denmark, thus making them truly International Settlers.

An alphabetical listing of surnames for each ship is also available for inspection on the Wendish Heritage Society’s website If any of these pioneers are your ancestors, we look forward to seeing you at this celebration.

The 1859 Hamburg Ships and their Passengers


The barque Macassar was built in 1857 by Ulrichs in Bremenhaven for the August Behn line. Its agents were Wolenbaeck, Uhlherm and Co and arrived in Melbourne on 21 January under Captain J. GODJE. Its 52 passengers were the following:

M.H. ABRAHAM,25; J. Georg, Bertha & Marie BAUMANN,28-30; Joachim BEVERS,4; Ed BIEBEND,3; Christian BLADT,26; Paul BOTTER,47; Ulrich CAYIUS,49; Carl CLAUSSEN,15; Georg FRIELING*; Christine & Wilhelmine GOERING,6-7; Louis HAMEL,46; Peter&Peter HANSEN:41,48; Anna & Louise HANSTEIN,22; Joachim HAUSCHILDT,8; Johann HEMPEL,1; Ernst HORN,5; Andreas IVERSEN,18; August JAEGER,40; Hendrik JENSEN,33; Baile JEPPSEN,32; Jurgen JUERGENSEN,19; Andreas JVEREN*; C.P. KAHLWES*; John KLINGE,2; Otto KORCKE,38; Anton KREISEL,13; Fr. KRUSE,53; A. LEWIN,14; Feodor LICHTENSTEIN,43; Johann LORENZ,44; Johannes LUERING,34; Simon MICHELSEN,50; William MULL,20; Nic NICOLAISEN,27; E.F. NISSEN,35; Henry OTTO,31; Jurge&Otto PETERSEN:24,37; C.P. RAHWES,16; W. SCHADE,51; Andreas SCHMIDT,17; L. SCHOENENBERGER,52; Jacob SEEMANN,39; Georg STIELING,42; Christian VOIGT,9; Carl WALF,36; Johann, Elise & Friedericke WESE,10 and J.P.E. WEYRAUCH,45.


The brig Vesta was built in 1855/56 in the von Somm shipyard at Hamburg for the Johann Cesar Godeffroy line. It arrived in Melbourne under Capt J HAMANN on 29 January with 24 passengers:



The schooner Circassian was built in 1852 in London and under Captain WILSON transported the only passenger, Mr STROCHARD, as well as 6,000 fire bricks and other goods in its cargo. It arrived in Melbourne on 7 March.

The barque Alster was built in 1846 in Venice and was part of the Godeffroy line. Under Captain H.C. PIENEN/PIENING*, it arrived in Melbourne on 24 March with a cargo which included 12,000 fire bricks, 585 planks, 500 cases of spirits and a case of books for M. Goethe and with the following 22 passengers:
Philp BETZ*; Wilhelm BOHMER*; Heinrich BURK*; Wilhelm CHRIST*; Franz KNERSCH*; Adam KOST*; Ed MOMBERGER*; Johs ORTHEY*; John&Theresia PETRI*; Jacob WEBER*; Anna, Antn, Dorothea, Juliane & Lisette WICK*; Friedrich WIEN*; Willhelm WILL* and Friedrich & Gottfried YANN*.


The barque Richard was built in 1853 for the Albrecht & Dill line. It arrived in Melbourne on 30 March with its passenger Mr. REFARDT and supplies, including 200 cases of cognac.

The barque Johannes was built in 1853 and joined the C.Ruebke and Woellmer line in 1854. She arrived in Melbourne on 31 March under Captain C.J.S. BRUHN and the 43 passengers were the following:

H.A. BJORNWALL,28; Marie BORCHART,24; Johann BRUNS,4;
Christian&Anna BUDER [Wends],11-12; Heinrich BUSS,3; Jasper CAMENZ,6; Peter and G. CHRISTENSEN:35,38; A.N. & C.L.CLEMENS:27,34; Hans DAVID,5; Ed HALLMANN,25; J.C. HANSEN,33; Jurgen JURGENSEN,37; Chr KNARHOR/KNAHOR,36; H. MEDEL/MADEL,40; Nils NIELSEN,7; Johann OTTEN,2; J.C. PETERSEN,2; Jul PICKARD,22; Georg&Auguste REICHAU [Wends],17-18; Herman ROGGENKAM,1; Fridr ROKAHR,30 Anton ROTHSCHILD,41; August
SCHAU,26; Wilhelm SCHWARZ,29; F.W.&Anna STARICK/STARIK [Wends]8-9; Gustav STOVEN,42; Christian TRIPPEL,21; Carl WILHELMY,43 and Jacob WITT,39.


The barque Linda was built in 1858/59 at Neuhof Hamburg for the Carl Woermann line. On her maiden voyage to Melbourne, she arrived on 4 August, after transporting supplies including 4 barrels of coffee and the following 41 passengers:

Nicolaus ALBERT,7; Hugo ALTSMANN,36; Carl BLUME,1; C.V. BOHN,41; Henry BROCK,37; H. CHARDON,40; Hans CHRESTENSEN:28,31; Jens CLAUSSEN,30; Ed DAMEL,21; Elise EBHARDT,34; August FRANK,11; Friedrich GADE,24; Dorothe HAARSTICK,3; Hans HANSEN,27; Andr JOHANNSEN,32; H. KNOETSCH,10; W. KRETZSCHMER,25; Gottlieb, Friederike, Carl & Paul LABLACK,14-17; Jurgen LAFRENTZ,6; Franz LARSEN,33; Nicl LORENTZEN,29; Lorenz MAYREISS,2; Helene MEYER,35; J.K. NIELSEN,20; Wilhelm OHRT,26; Friedrich POP,9; F. Wilhelm SCHMIDT,19; M.J. STORCH,18; Doris & Peter THOMSEN,4-5; B. TRENTEPOHL,23; J.G. & Doris WENDEL:8,39 and August WILMS,38.


The 400 ton barque Carlotta sailed under Captain de GROOT and arrived at Melbourne on 15 September with supplies and 57 passengers:

Jacob BECKER,15; Carl&Cath BECKMANN,1-2; Martin, Anna & Hans BREITZA [Wends],28-30; Ja FELDMANN,8; Dorothea FINCK,20; H. FRANZEN,11; Anna & Johann GOEBEL,46-47; Chr GOERGEN,45; H & Elise. GUNTHER,7-8; H and Sophie HATJE,39-40; Gotth&Christian HERZOG,23-24; Joh HOPPFNER,41; J.J. JORGENSEN,13; P.M. & Jess JURGENSEN:10,18; Jasper KROGER,27; C.H. LAPTIN,26; Hans LASSEN,17; G. MATUSCHKA

,31; Lona MOHR,56; H. MUEL,19; W. OCCOLOWITZ,42; Wilhelm & Ottelie PAULIG,35-36; F.H. PENHOLZ,22; Ramus RASMUSSEN,16; C., Margaretha, Julius & Charlotte von REICHE,3-4; F.M.& Maria RITTER,43-44 Christian ROTHE,4; Th. RUSSOW,21; C.W., Anna, Ernestine, August, Heinrich & Bertha SCHLECHTWEG,49-54; J.H. SCHREIBER,25; N. SCHWENSEN,55; Nicolaus SCHONS,48; H.H. SORENSEN,14; Fritz UHRBROCK,37; Christian WENDT,33; H.A. WILLKE,32; and Maria WINTERBERG,57.


The barque Alfred was built in 1856 in the Godeffroy shipyard at Reiherstieg for the Johann Cesar Godeffroy line. It was their third ship which was named Alfred and its voyage to Australia via Capetown under Captain J Meyer concluded first at Adelaide on 25 August where 115 passenger disembarked and then at Melbourne on 23 September, where 35 passengers disembarked and 12 quarter-casks of wine for J. Henty were unloaded.

The 115 Adelaide passengers on the Alfred were the following:

Heinrich & Christian ANDERSEN, 84-85; Dienegott BAENSCH,101; Rosalia BERTELSMEYER,40; Wilhelm BERTLING,96; Maria BRZEZINSKY,55; Wilhelem, Gottfried & Johanne DIER,145-147; Wilhelm DUNEMANN,99; August EITZEN,102; Heinrich ENGELKE,87; Joachim FOCK,57; Carl Waldimar FRIES,100; Ludwig GARZ,93; Wilhelm GRASSOW,98; Carl HAMMER,70; Ernst HERR,89; Franz & Anna HETSCHER,62-63; Rudolph HOFFMANN,124; Friedrich HUBNER (HUEBNER),92; August Johanne &Hermann HUCKAUF,51-53; Ferdinand ISERHAGEN,41; Albert JACOBI,83; Wilhelmine JAESCHKE,110; Carl JUST,148; Traugott KANNEWISCHER,126; Christian Friedrich, Christine, Louise, Wilhelm, Georg & Caroline KNORR,64-69; Gottlieb, Eleonore & Anna Rosina KUBISCH,71-73; Wilhelm LAMM,149; August, Pauline & Anna LATZ,118-120; Franz LOBING (LOEBING),88; Anna, Dorothea & Johann LOECHEL,75-77; Hermann&Pauline LESCHKE,58-59;
Johann LUMMER,39; Marie MADSEN,90; Johann Friedrich, Henrietta, Anna MEYER:36-38; Wilhelm, Johanna, Wilhelmine, Carl, Wilhelm and Johanna MINKE:42-47; Gottfried, Anna Dorothea, Louise, Juliane & Emily MUNCH (MUENCH),127-131; Gottfried, Julianna, Wilhelm, Beate, August, Julianna, Auguste, Ernstine & Beate MUSTER,136-144; Wilhelm, Anna, & Wilhelm NICKSCH,48-50; Eleonore PSILLE,125; Friedrich RETHFELD,94; Gottfried ROLLBUSCH,97; Christian RUST,95; Caroline & Ernestine SAGENSCHNEIDER,121-122; Hermann, Ernstine & Julius SCHULLER (SCHUELLER),78-80; Gottfried, Louise, Carl, Ferdinand, August, Wilhelm & Heinrich SCHULTZ, 111-117; Dorothea; Dienegott, Caroline, Juliane, Wilhelm, Gottlieb, Pauline & Bertha; Gottlieb, Dorothea, Dienegott & Gotthilf SCHULZ:74,103-109, 132-135; Otto SCHWARZE,82; Mart TORITZKY,86; Therese VOGT,56; Carl&Elise VOSS,60-61; David WEGSCHNEIDER,81; Carl XENODOCHIUS,123; Josephine WUNDENBERG,150; Eduard WUTTKE,54 and Johann Christian ZABEL,91.
The 35 Melbourne passengers on the Alfred were the following:

Sven ANDERSEN,1; Nicolaus BEUTNOP,35; Warsili BOGDONAD,31; Carl BRANDT,34; Sophie, Gustav, Peter, Johann BRUHN,16-19; Wilhelm EDLICH,23; Georg GEISLER,8; Wilhelm GROSZE,33; Johanne, Ottilie, Antonie, Hermann&Paul HAHN,24-28; Jorgen HESZ,3; Friedrich HOLZGRAVE,15; Johanne Rosina KNERSCH,22;
Andreas&Friericke KREITLING,5-6; Christian LARSEN,2; Heinrich MARTIN,11; Johann Friedrich MEIER,7; MULLER (MUELLER),32; Gottfried MUSOW,4; Johann Gottlieb&Anna Rosina ROTHE,9-10; Gottlieb& Ferdinand SCHELLNACK:12,21; Jos. SCHWER,30; Anna Rosina STENDTKE,29; Johann STUTZNER(STUETZNER),13;
Heinrich TIRTSCHKE,14; Catharina WEBER,20;

P.C. Kinch

The barque P.C. Kinch sailed from Hamburg under Captain C.L. Kohn and arrived in Melbourne on 7 November with 166 passengers. At least 111 of these, with their occupation all listed as “Steinhauer” or stone-mason, were contracted to work for Cornish & Bruce on the Melbourne-Sandhurst railway line. However, they submitted complaints when they experienced poor working conditions and a ten-hour rather than an eight-hour day.

Passengers included the following:
Christian ALPERT,88; P & P.M. ANDERSON:24,68; Jacob BALZ,93; J.H.&F.C.A BEHRENS:33,113; A.BELLINGHAUSEN,62; G.M. BENDUHL,22; J.H.C. BENFELDT,74; S. BENKELBERG,106; Wilhelm BERNICKE,49; A.C. & Michael BIEHL,115-116; Hans Peter BIRCH,5; Hinr & Claus BLUCK,117-118; George BLUMENSTEIN,66; Conrad BLUME,46; Otto BODENSTEIN,122; Rud BOKER (BOEKER),59; J. BOLLHORN,90; Wilhelm BOSSE,51; J.H. BUCHTERKIRCH,124; Carl CANNEWURF,54; Anders CLAUSEN,15; H.T.N. CLAUSSEN,121; J.P. DAHL,84; Antoine DANTIN,44; G. DEGENHARDT,80; Johann Carl DENCKER,53; Johann DOHRMANN,87; J.W. DORING (DOERING),75; Heinrich DUERKOP,47; Georg EHMIG,69; C.H. EHRICH,32; A. EMMERMANN,71; Martin, Elisabeth, Johann, Elisabeth Christian & Lud FALK,149; F.H. FEILOR,102; Joseph FELDMANN,111; J.H. GATERMANN,98; F.W. GEILER,86; Bernh GERSTLE,155; Wilhelm GILLE,36; J.A. GIULIANI,37; Luigi GODENZI,42; Joh Mich GREINER,94; W. GROSSMANN,73; Joseph HAF,107; Johann HAF,101; Engel HAUSKER,157; F.A. HEIMBACH,108; C.G.A. HILLEBRAND,100; Johannes & Jens J.HOLM,2,8; Hans Hinr IDEN,52; Hans C., Lars Peter & Michel& J Martin JENSEN,6,7,13,83; Jean Louis JOURDAN,43; Johann JUNG,114; O.H.L. JUNGE,95; J.H. JURGENSEN(JUERGENSEN),162; Elias KALBER (KAELBER),61; Ernst KANN,55; P.H. KLOPPMANN,123; Friedrich & Wilhelm KOCH,48,50; Franz KOCK,85; Jorgen Linius & Michael C. KOFOD,18,70; Matthew KORTUM,31; Hans A. KRAK,19; J.W. KUPFERSCHMIDT,103; Friedericke KUSCHERTS,120; August LACHMUND,91; Hans LAHANN,119; Francesco LANGFRANCHI,40; Hans, Anna, Anna, Martin, Maria, Hans, Eisabeth & Frierich LEHMANN [Wends],141-149; Johann LILIENTHAL,112; L.H.C., Lene, Marie, Lena & Heinrich LUBCKE
(LUEBCKE):11,163; Wilhelm LUCAS,58; Johann LUDERS LUEDERS),159; Johannes MATTSSON,25; Auguste & Cathrine MOHR,125,126; H. MOLDENHAUER,72; Ernestine NISSEN,127; Ivan NOPHUT,76; Friedrich OJUSEN,14; Christian PABST,99; Martin P.& P.M. PEDERSEN:17,82; P.M. PETERS,161; A.W., C.G.& J.H. PETERSEN:10,28,29,30; A.F. PETERSON,81; L.A. PETERSSON,23; Ferdinand PETZOLD,97; H.J.P. & Peter PIHL:16,57; Conrad PILLMANN,67; Hugo Th PRUSSONG,56; Antonio RASELLI,41; W.H. REICHSTEIN,63; Ad REIF,105; Woltje REINERS,65; Christian ROHRS(ROEHRS),35; C.A.A.& Cath RORING (ROERING):104,158; J. Hansen SCHAU,3 ; August SCHILDHAUER,89; D. & J.D. SCHMIDT,129,130; Carl SCHOLZ,92; Mogurs H. SKAU,20; Anders M. & A. SORENSEN(SOERENSEN):1,12; A.C. SOTTORFF,132; N.H. STEEN,27; J.M. SVENDSEN,11; C.H. THODE,156; Wilhelmine TIEDMANN,160 ; Peter Anderson TOLIN,26; Martin, Anna, Martin, Maria, Anna, Louise, Christian & Lise THOWK(TOWK) [Wends],133-141; Marie UDERSTEDT,128; Johann VORSCHMIDT,79; Hans Hinrich VOSS,64; Conrad WERNER,109; Joseph WAHL,77; P.A. WIDEN,21; J.C. WIECHERN,34; Dorothea WIESE,131; Heinrich WILHELM,60; Lorenzo & Francesco ZALA:38,39 and Heinrich ZERCHO,96.

Cesar and Helene

The 240 ton brig Cesar and Helene was built in 1855/56 in the Godeffroy shipyard at Reiherstieg. This third voyage to Australia with 73 passengers mostly from Prussia, Holstein, Hanover and Sachsen (Saxony) took 120 days and was reported to have been very slow and monotonous, with the ship experiencing light winds and calms for most of the voyage. This ship included 54 passengers for Adelaide and 19 for Melbourne, as well as cargo which included 84 rams and 18,890 fire bricks.

The Cesar and Helene arrived at Port Adelaide in South Australia on 22 November with the following Adelaide passengers:

Joseph ANDERS,30; Anna, Marie & Wilhelmine BURMESTER-,5; August, Johanne Beate, Marie & Emilie FRIESE,12-15; Wilhelm, Dorothea, Gottlieb, Louise, Ferdinand August, Caroline & Johanne GERLACH,38-45; Friedrich & Auguste HARTWIG,36-37; Auguste, Marie, Carl & Mathilde HERMEL,50-54; Johann Ed & Juliane KLOPSCH,10-11; Wilhelm LANGELLUDDECKE,54; Franz, Th, Caroline, Agnes, Bertha, Hugo, Melnie, Otto+ Gottfried, Johanne & Ernestine NEUMANN:3-9+31-33; Franz NEURAUTER-2; Georg Ludwig RUECHERT,1; Louise SCHOLZ,34; Gottfried, Caroline, Wilhelmine, Auguste, Ernestine, Johanne, Caroline & Wilhelm SCHULZ,16-23; August Wilhelm, Emma, Max & Ernst SPARRE,46-49; Carl Fr. VOLLPRECHT,35; Heinrich WERGGERS,24 and Gottfried & Louise WIESE,28-29.

The Cesar and Helene then arrived at Hobson’s Bay in Victoria on 17 December with the following Melbourne passengers:

Julius BRUCHE(BRUECHE),55; Auguste GIERKE,70; Anna HEINTZE,57; Johann, Caroline, Anna, Magdalena & Heinrich HEYNE [Wends],58-62; Gottlieb Christian LINDE,56; Peter MEYER,67; Marie MULLER (MUELLER),64; Fr. Aug. SCHINNERLING,63; Ernst SCHNEIDER,65; Johann TIMMERMANN,68; Gottfried & Christiane UEBERGANG,72-73; Aug. Ad. WINDSCHUTTEL(WINDSCHUETTEL),69; Henriette WOLF, 66 and Rob WOLFF,71.


The Hanovarian barque Olympia under Captain A. TOBIAS sailed with 220 passengers, most of whom gave their occupation as “Steinhauer” or stone-mason, their place of origin as Denmark and Prussia and their gender as male. In fact, only one female Caroline Kosnitz is listed and about 70 of the Danes would have enjoyed the later song about their hometown, “Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen”.

The Olympia’s passengers landed in Melbourne on 26 November and were the following:

Ludwig Christian AHFELDT,55; Heinrich Joseph ALFF,172; Gottlieb ADLER,186/ADDLER*; Jean Dominique ALLARIO,161; Thomas ANDERSEN,23; Kaspar ANGLMEIER,98; Akel Anton APPELGREEN,46; Eduard AUTH,87;
Jacob BAUER,129; Valetin BAUM,119; Waldmar Ludwig Eduard BENSE,33; Julius BERGMANN,180; Pietro BERTINO,176; Pierre BERTOGLIO,159; Ardisson BETTAS,178; Angelo BIANCHI,202; J.B.BLANO*; Friedrich BLOOM,72; George Friedrich Wilhelm BOHNLOHFINK,107/BOHNTOPHINK*; Wilhelm Theodor BONFILS,81; Jacques BOUCHER,207; Etienne BOUGET,204; Carl Heinrich Oswald BRAUN,59; Laurent BURDINO,139; Johann Friedrich Ferdinand BUSCH,68; Bernhard CAMPASSO,144; August Johannson CARLBOM,2/CARLBON*; Jean CASTAGNE,154; Jean Baptiste CERETTO,146; Joseph CHIAMINATTI,165; Giuseppe CIPRIANO,117; Jean Baptiste & Joseph Antoine COPPO,138,143; Pierre DAGASSO,134/DEGESSO*; Wilhelm Gebhard DAUS,179; Bernard DEVILLE,209; Jacob DIETZ,118; Michel DOMINIQUE,152; Matthias DORLE,125; Francois DUBOIN,195/DOURBOIS*; Johann Georg Ernst ERDMANN,111; Peter FABER,41; Pierre FABEY-,96; Claude Felix FAISANDIER,200; Bernardo Barchi FAMIGLIO,157; Eduard Emil FELDBERG,35; Friedrich Wilhelm FLINDT,10; Marcus Jens FRIEDERICHSEN,83; Hans P. FRIGGE*; Johann Franz Joseph FUCHS,212; Johann Gottlieb GARBRECHT,22; Johann Gunther GEIER,38; Antoin GIOVENDO,140/GOVENDO*; Friedrich Joseph GISPERT,93; Johannes GLOZ,121/GLAZ*; Johann Conrad GOBEL (GOEBEL),80; Carl August Hermann GOLLMITZ,58; Hermann GRAUPNER,183?GRAIGMER*; Hans Heinrich GRIEM,109; Johann Georg GRIMINGER,131; Heinrich GROSS,211; Johann Carl Wilhelm GROSSER,56; Tomasso GROSSO,141; Jacob Oluf GUNDERSEN,44; Christian Friedrich HAFNER-123/HAFMER*; Friedrich Emil Sophus HALL-76; Karl HANI,101/HANS; Bent Christian & Adolph Wilhelm HANSEN:18,77; Jens Arnold Gottfried Albrecht HARTMANN,50; Johann Michel HEILMANN,116; Josef HETTICH,126; Martin HIPPLE,92; Wilhelm Nicolausn HIRTZ,175; Ludwig Friedrich Gustav HOEPNER,182/HOFNER*; Friedrich Napoleon, Jul Ferdinand, Akel & Hans HOLMBERG:8,9,53,54; Franz Ferdinand HUTTNER (HUETTNER),167; Paul Carl Gustav Julius JACOB,71; Gustav Friedrich JACOBSEN,28; Christian JASPER,217; Rasmus, Jens & Joergen JENSEN,14,25,39/JONSON*; Johann Ed JOENSCH,52 Carl Johann JOHANNSSON,1; Peter JORGENSEN(JOERGENSEN),20; Pierre Marie JOURDAN,194/JONRDAN*; Ludwig JUNEMANN,95; Christian Wilhelm Michael JUUL,210; Ferd Emilius KEMPF,47; Jasper Fridr KERN,191; U. KIPPLE*; Anton KLEEHAMMER,213; Georg KOCH,10; Marten Jensen KOEFOED,42/KOEFOLD*; Caroline KOSNITZ,219; Hans Caspar Theodor KROGER (KROEGER),181; Christof Julius KROGH,16; Carl Friedrich KUNZE,169; Julius Peter, Knud, Anders Peter & Niels Peter LARSEN:12,19,84; Fabian LATTARD,206; Anders LAUGESEN,78; Rudolph LESCHKY,189; Elias LEVIN,4; Jens LIND,43; Nathan LIPMANN,5; Franz LOHMULLER (LOHMUELLER),173; Frederik LORENTZEN,48; T.F.F. LUCK*; Ernst Ed Ferdinand& Theodore LUDWIG:69,170; Anders LUND,26; Johann Baptist MADENSPACHER,128/MATHERSPOUCHE*; Martin Waldemar MADSEN,34; Charles Bonatto MARCHELLO,135; Heinrich Georg MARGRAF,94; Michel MARITANO,153/MARTINO*; Johann Friedrich Wilhelm& Otto Heinrich Richard MARX:57,174; Antoine MATHIEW,197; Joseph Corgiat MECIO,155; Christoph METT,73; Johannes METZ,97; Friedrich Christian MEYER,108; Friedrich Wilhelm MEYWERK,105; Domenicque MICHETTO,156/MICHELLO*; Joseph MILANO,147; Paul MOHR,130; Claus, Wilhelm Friedrich & Lorentz Christian MOLLER (MOELLER):40,45,100/MILLER*; Nils MONSON,3; Louis MONTANDON,208; Jean Claude MORIGNAT,193/MONGNAT*; Heinrich Ludwig MORSCH (MOERSCH),70; Jens Madsen MORTENSEN,4; Niels Friedrich Wilhelm MORTHENSEN,51/NORTHENSEN*; Jacques NAVONE,177; Joseph NICK,90; Friedrich Heinrich Johann, Lars Peter, Peter Christian & Niels NIELSEN:7,31,79,82; Johann Balthasar NIST-,15/NICK; Etienne NOBLOT,203; Victor NOGET,201; Johann Carl Sebastian NORDMANN,103; August OMHAHN,30; Henrik Carl OPPENLANDER (OPPENLAENDER),29; Balthasar OSER,96/OZER*; Charles PASSAMA,199; Hans Martin PAULSEN,113; Mads Peter PEDERSEN,21; Pierre Augusto PENEY,205; Joseph Francois PERRET,160; Antoine PERTETTO,158/PERLETTI*; Joseph PESSETE,145; Lars & Anders Peter PETERSEN:36,37,85; Friedrich Wilhelm PEUCKER,63/PLUKER*; Ludwig Friedrich
Wilhelm POCHOLKE,65; Anders PRUS(PRUES)-, 4; Claus Heinrich August POGGE,112; Pierre PRAT,198; Paul RASMUSSEN,27; Stephan RAUSCHER,120; Francois REY,192; Jean Baptiste REANO,162; Carl von REICHEMANN*; Peter REINHARD,88; F.W. RICHTER,218; Friedrich Wilhelm RICKER,17; Dominique RONCHIETTO,184; Pedrin RONSAGLIONE,148; Georg ROTH (ROETH),166; Joseph RUDELLO-,63; Jean Baptiste Banchetti SALVANO,137; Heinrich SCHAAF,188; J.M. SCHELRER,215; Johann Georg SCHICK,106; Johannes SCHICKLER,127; Sebastian SCHMAUS,114; Johann Michel Robert SCHOTTERBECK,67/SCHOLLERBECK*; Johann Heinrich SCHULTZ,102; Julius SCHUHMACHER,124/Schoemaker*; Friedrich Jacob SECKLER,71; Soren Christian Christensen SOELBERG,11; Frederic SORDO,149; Julius Waldemar STECKER,99; Friedrich Wilhelm Albert STEPHAN,64; Anton STOESSEN,91/STOERSSER*; Peter STREIT,86/STREET*; Heinrich STUBEN,216; Antoine TASSO,164; Gottfried August THIELE,62; Carl Julius THYSTRUP,75; Martin Anders Lauritz TORNFELD,32; Joh E. TORNSEN*; Hans Peter TRIGGE,15; Trussaint COLIN,150; Ernst Oswald TSCHIRNER,61; Joseph Marco VERNETTI,185; Christian Wilhelm VESTOFTE,49; Jules VICARI,142; Jacques VIRANDA,136/VIRANDO*; T.B. VIST*; Victor VOGET*; Gottlieb VOGT,168; Carl VON REICHENAU,151/ VON REICHEMANN*; Hans Hinrich VOSS,133; Johann Friedrich WEBER,122; Gustav Alwinden Albert WEGENER,60; Adolph WEINERT,220; C.W. WESTOFTE*; J.F.M. WIECHERS,104/WEICHERS*; Johann Heinrich WILMER,187/WULMER*; Claudius WEINER,89/WENERT*; Johann Gottlieb WELLER,6; Heinrich August Friedrich WESTPHAL,132; F.H. WILHELMS,214; Bernard WOLF,190 and Johann Adolph ZANDER,66.

Some South Australian 1859 Hamburg Passenger Lists.

Many passenger ships from the Port of Hamburg carrying Wends and Germans (before 1871 called Prussians, Saxons, Silesians, Pomeranians, Hanoverians etc after their particular kingdom of origin) landed at Port Adelaide in South Australia but not all landed there. The above ships to Melbourne as well as those to Sydney and later to Brisbane and Perth make searching for ancestral voyages sometimes rather difficult.

Some 1859 voyages to Adelaide also went to Melbourne, such as the ships Alfred and Cesar & Helene indexed above. These and others are of interest for Wendish and Germanic families so one of these Adelaide ships, the Helene, is included below for our indexing project as an appendix to the above Melbourne arrivals.


The barque Helene was built in 1850/5 in Reiherstieg for the Johan Cesar Godeffroy line. It made twelve trips to Australia, with this 1859 trip under Captain J. T. S. HANSEN being its sixth. Its 102 passengers were mainly farming families from Prussia, including some Wendish families from Werben and Burg in Lusatia, Brandenburg. A few other types of occupations are also listed.

These passengers on the 1859 Helene who arrived in Adelaide on 26 January were the following:

W. BECKMANN,98; Heinrich, Friedericke, Minna & Julchen BERGER,55-58; Anna BORN,86; Johann BRANDENBURG,99; Johanna & Bernhardt DORNWELL, 101-102; Christian DUSCHKA,74

; August DUTZSCHKE,13; David ECKSTADT,12; Ignatz & Joseph FEINELER,15-16;Friedrich FEUERHERTH,34;Ernst GEYER,97; Matthes, Elisabeth, Marianne & Wilhelm GRASSMEHL,82-85[Wends?]; Albin, Caroline, Wilhelm, Heinrich, Wilhelmine, Pauline & Auguste GUNTHER (GUENTHER),67-73; Gottlieb, Charlotte, Friedrich, Friedericke, Gottlieb, August, Johann & Auguste HAASE,35-42; Heinrich & Caroline HENSCHEL,51-52; Wilhelm, Beate, Dienegott &Wilhelm HOFFMANN,7-10; Rud HOFFMEISTER,49; Anna JAHNS,64; Christoph & Dorothea JOETE,21-22; Ferdinand, Charlotte, Ferdinand, Louise & Maria KAHNE (KAEHNE),43-47; Dorothea, Hermann & Fritz KRAEHE,17-20; Joachim, Dorothea, Louise, Friedericke, Wilhelmine & Caroline KRUGER (KRUEGER),23-28; David LANGNASE,11; Heinrich MARCUS,50; Friedrich MAY,100;George, Marie, Marianne & Marie MEHLISCH,75-78 [Wends?]; Christine MELCHER,94
; Gottlieb, Ernestine, Marie & Pauline MUCKE (MUECKE),2-6; Auguste RAECK,48; Martin, Elisabeth, Friedrich REHTUS (RETHUS?),87-89; Ludwig, Anna & Louis RICHTER,31-33; Friedrich, Maria & Friedrich SCHIEMENZ,79-81 [Wends]; Johanna & Friedrich ROSS,65-66; Christian SCHRODER (SCHROEDER),53; Heinrich&Johannes SCHUMBURG,95-96; Friedrich SCHUTTLOFFEL (SCHUETTLOEFFEL),14; Christlieb & Ferdinand STHAR (STAEHR),29-30; Heinrich STROBELL,54;Johann VIEROW,1; Wilhelm, Maria, Heinrich & Maria VOSS,59-62; Friedrich, Anna, Wilhelm & Friedrich WERCHON,90-93[Wends?] and Dorothea WOHLCKE,63.