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Past Events

The Warrayure “Trinity” Lutheran Church’s 100th Anniversary

by Moira Nagorcka

100th Anniversary Celebrations at “Trinity” Warrayure (a farming community between Hamilton and Dunkeld, Victoria) were held in the church, the hall and the school on 22-23 August 2009, involving about 500 people over the weekend. In some families, at least four generations have worshipped in the church, attended the school and enjoyed fellowship at “Trinity”. Being a farming community meant that there was a great deal of reminiscing about living in a rural setting, with church life always at the forefront.

Saturday evening was a “what are you doing now?” time for past members to renew contact after many years. Celebrations continued on Sunday with an organ recital by David Mibus, prior to a thanksgiving service. This service was led by Rev Dr Mike Semmler, President, Lutheran Church of Australia and by Rev Greg Pietsch, President, Victorian District. They were assisted by former ministers at Warrayure: Clem Traeger, Graham Zweck, Lester Priebennow – and the current minister Mark Henderson. Interestingly, at least four ‘sons’ of the congregation became ministers of the LCA: Max Mueller, Alf Miller, Stanley Mibus and Gordon Mibus, who were cousins.

Tables were laden with typical country cooking, with an over-supply of food that wasn’t needed!

The church itself has been used in recent years for the Southern Grampians Promenade of Sacred Music, with a fine pipe organ and good acoustics.

A hard working committee of six organised a most successful weekend and were instrumental in producing a commemorative book entitled History through Faith. The book contains a comprehensive account of life and times over 100 years at “Trinity” Lutheran Church Warrayure, with past members providing photos and sometimes amusing anecdotes.